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REMEMBER - All seats MUST be SCHEDULED before you mail them to us.

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NOTE - FLH model Harley seats are $10 higher due to the large amounts of foam required. Pillow look seats add $10 to the cost.

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Extras :: Back Rests Mods

Extras :: Seat Heaters - (EFFECTIVE January 31, 2020)

We have had a very successful relationship with the company that makes the seat heaters we have been installing the past 15 years.  With that being said over the past few years things haven't been as good and we have decided it is time to part ways and no longer offer any seat heater options.  We do not make much on the heaters and for the headaches they have caused plus the money and time it has cost us the past few years it just isn't worth it.  We want our customers happy and the current situation with this option is not working the way it should.   If we happen to find a well made unit that is virtually bulletproof as these units once were we will certainly entertain the possibility of offering them again but until then we no longer offer seat heaters.

Extras :: Studs

55120 depending on what you want done and which seats you want studded.

Grey Athletic T-Shirt

Acidwash T-Shirt

Double sided T-Shirt (black)

Hoodie (black)

Express Service — $100 plus modification cost.

With the new Express service we will work your seat in as soon as it arrives, and work after hours to finish it, and ship it back the next day.

Our days are already booked solid so we will be working overtime on these seats and have priced this service accordingly.

You will have to call us to take advantage of this service!

This service requires a $50 non-refundable deposit.

NOTE - The Express service is a non-refundable fee period. We already work long hours trying to accommodate everyone and the Express service seats are worked on after normal business hours which will drive our expenses up.

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