December 22, 2008

Another Christmas is upon us and I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done. As usual I am running behind on mine and I was hoping to get it completed today and the way the day has been I won't.

The shop will be closed December 24th -28th for Christmas and we will be closed January 1st only for New Years. So if you have any questions it would be best to email me during that time frame. The biggest question we are getting right now is what dates are we booking. Currently we are booking the Friday after New Years but most likely everyone calling after Christmas will have to book the first full week of January.

I want to say thanks to all our customers. I would say 99% of our business comes in by word of mouth and that really means a lot to me knowing that our customers are that happy with their seats that they would recommend us to their friends and fellow riders.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This will be my last what's new of 2008. 2008 has been a good and a extremely challenging year for us. I want to thank everyone who has helped out here at the shop over the past year. Robbie, Brent, Mike, Steve, Dalynda and yes even that old guy Ed.

Till next year ride safe and enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas everyone.

December 06, 2008

With Thanksgiving behind us things are starting to pick up and once we get past Christmas the ball will be rolling again big time. We are already scheduling over a week and a half out and as we get closer to the new year most likely it will get a little further out. Why I am saying this? Well, everyone always ask when is the best time to schedule and right now is the best time.

Before you fill out the modification order form be sure you hit the refresh button to ensure you are seeing the correct prices. The correct prices are posted on the seat modification page but for some reason there are a few people getting different prices on the order form and this should be corrected by hitting the refresh button. I apologize for any confusion this has caused and we will certainly be more than happy to over the pricing on the phone or via email.

To better serve our customers we have added two new phone lines this past week. One is a fax line and the other is another direct line. The new direct line is 828-428-1535.

We finished up several custom cover jobs this week and will be updating the custom covers page short with these. I am also working on some really cool new things we will be adding to the line up.

I want to invite everyone with a myspace page to join us and be our friends. MCC's myspace page is Its nothing fancy but we have to start somewhere.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.

November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was nice getting to sleep in Thursday and while we didn't have the traditional turkey we had a Honey Baked Ham...Mmmm.

First thing I want to talk about the shop this week is our newest employee. As many of you know who follow the weekly updates we have had a hard time keeping a good sewer and while many of the sewers we have had were not really cut out for motorcycle seats we have had a couple that were up to the task but they never gave us a good chance to build the cover end of the business up to where it needs to be to carry a full time sewer. I have been doing a lot of the sewing the past couple of months but there is some sewing that I just don't have my skills honed enough to perform. Well, I feel like the search for a reliable person who has the skills is over. So let me welcome Dalynda to the team. She has been sewing for a long time but never a motorcycle seat till a couple weeks ago and man she is knocking these things out of the ball park. Her attention to detail is just amazing and I feel we are going to be getting well known for our custom covers also and not just our seat rebuilding.

While we are talking about covers I have some even more exciting news to put out. I have 2 local sources for the vinyl and leather we use on the seats. I also have been using one internet source for some of the vinyl because the local guys just don't seem interested in carrying or supplying what we want. Well, a couple weeks ago I found another source of leather and this is by far the best selection of leather I have ever run across and the quality is second to know. I have made this company our main supplier of leather and we are now using only the finest Italian and German leather that is available. We can get just about any color imaginable. We also have gator and ostrich embossed leather. Being able to offer these leathers is going to be huge for us and best yet this is going to give our customers a excellent quality leather that others only wish they had.

2009 will mark our 5th year in business and I want to thank all our previous customers for spreading the word about us. This past year the local dealerships have really taken notice and have been sending in a good amount of work and big thanks goes out to them for doing this. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I walk into a dealership and salesman tells me that a customer he sent in stopped by to thank him for telling them about us and how happy they are with their new seat, that just makes my day.

I try to keep up with what other guys in the business are doing and what materials they are using. I have been noticing a good number of new guys coming in which is great but what concerns me is the quality of foam they are using. Most of these new guys don't have much experience working with foams and are using Ebay memory foam mattress pads which is cheaply made and does not have the correct properties for motorcycle seats and in my honest opinion I wouldn't even use them on a bed because they are just too soft. The memory foam we use is made for sitting on. It won't break down, even if it gets wet. We use the best memory foam money can buy and that is no lie. It is a stand alone foam, meaning we can go all the way down to the seat pan and your not going to sink through it where the foam from Ebay will let you sink through it quickly. One question we do get a lot of is the foam thermopedic? Yes, all real memory foam is thermopedic because all real memory foam is a temperature sensitive. So where is this lesson in memory foam going you ask? I read a lot of different message boards and there is always one or two guys who jump in the seat threads talking about how their memory foam seat broke down after a short use. Well, it is like this. If you use cheap foam that is not designed to do a certain job then it is going to fail, period. If you use the correct foam you will enjoy the seat for a long, long time. Currently, I have several guys with seats we did 4-5 years ago that are still riding their original modified seats and have over 50,000 miles on them and I just got word this week we have one rider who has over 100,000 miles on his seat and he told me it is even better now than it was when he first got it back. Thanks for letting me know Mark about this milestone.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.

November 17, 2008

Another wild week behind us and things are really picking up early this year. Currently we are booking the first week of December and hopefully things will continue. With the holiday season quickly approaching us I do want to say we will be closed Thanksgiving day and will only be open the Friday after Thanksgiving till noon.

5 years ago when I started Mean City Cycles I had no idea that it would have become what it is today. I started out doing these modifications for friends and the word has really spread throughout the motorcycle industry. It just amazes me that we are where are and looking into the future things really look great for MCC. It is really surreal the things that happened and how much things have grown. We are in the December issue of American Bagger magazine in the Buyer's guide for Holiday gift cool is that? I think it freaking ROCKS! And I think we are going to be in the January issue of VTwin magazine...I think. These guys don't tell you when your going to in them you just kind of show up. I knew we were going to be in a issue of American Bagger but I didn't know we were in it till a customer called to schedule and said he read about us in the magazine so I started looking for the issue and finally got a copy this past Friday.

I am sure I will say this again as I have in the past, thanks to all who have made MCC a success. I have been approached many times in the past about advertising and the cost is unbelievable but the best advertising we have ever gotten is the word of mouth advertising our customers give us. Thank you all for making MCC what it is.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.

November 9, 2008

Where is this year going? Man time is flying by and the next riding season will be upon us quickly. I am looking at the dates for next years rallies and trying to figure out if we are going to go to any of them. The biggest factor that I am looking at is the cost of setting up at these events. I already have a few on the list that I feel pretty confident we will be at but none of the major ones yet. We were almost ready to commit to this past Myrtle Beach Fall Rally when the Myrtle Beach city council decided to raise permit cost and install a bunch of crazy laws against bikers and that tells me they don't want our money so I am having a hard time on committing to any thing in Myrtle Beach. Just to give you a brief glimpse at the cost involved in setting up in Myrtle Beach. If were to setup at the Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson dealership it would cost us $5400 plus $800 in permits. This would be the ideal location because everybody goes to the dealership. The other location I have looked at is Colonial mall and the cost there is $3400 plus the $800 for the city permits. So we would be looking at either $6200 or $4200 to setup and folks we will have to work our asses off to pay for those spots. Also, those do not include fuel to and from the event or a place to rest our heads at night and we all know the hotels jack the prices up big time for the rallies so that would probably be another $1500-2500 for that. And if we would go and set up there are no guarantees that we will even break even and I am not a big gambler so I doubt seriously if we will make any of the big events because Sturgis is even higher as well as Daytona. But if there is anyway we can financially make one or all we certainly will do what we can.

I have mentioned the past week or two that this is our slow time of the year. November is usually the slowest but we are staying pretty busy this year and the phone has really been ringing the past couple of weeks with people scheduling which has really been surprising but good. We are already booking slots in January right now but we do have a few spots open in the later weeks of November and in December.

I do want to give a shout out to the local shops that have been spreading the word about us. J.E.'s Honda Motorcycles has sent us a lot of business this past year, and Blue Ridge Harley Davidson has sent us a good amount of work. It surprises me that any dealership would do this but we are thankful these guys have such high regard about our work. There are also some other dealerships that aren't local and unfortunately I cannot remember these dealerships names off hand.

I am going to add a links page and it should be up in the next few weeks. We have a lot of different websites that link to us and I really need to return the favor to these guys and gals.

Last but certainly not least. THANK YOU to all our previous customers for spreading the word. Without you guys and gals doing this Mean City Cycles wouldn't be where it is today and everybody is spreading the word. It seems everyone who is scheduling says we have read about you here or there or a previous customer of yours rides with me and he told me to call to get my seat done. So I want to thank everyone for spreading the word.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.

November 3, 2008

This past week was a very busy week scheduling and was almost full song as we are in the summer months which is great and we are keeping the turn around time and scheduling time down right now which is also good.

This past weekend we held our 2nd annual VTX Tech Session and had a great turn out. We open up the use of the shop and let fellow VTX rider's bring in their bikes and learn how to do different types of maintenance and repairs. This consist of basic oil changes to changing the neck bearings and fork springs, pair valve removal and about anything you can think of. Last year we had 8 bikes and this years size doubled to 16 bikes at the highest point. After the session was over I led 11 bikes up to Iron Thunder beside Blue Ridge Harley Davidson for some good food and a cold beer or two. I want to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event. I especially want to thank the companies who donated door prices.

I am open to holding these for any bike makes and models so if you and your friends want a place to meet up and have a shop to use let me know and we'll arrange a day and time when we can do this.

A quick thing on our warranty. I don't have anything written on the site and there are several reasons why. The first reason, we stand behind our work 100%. If you aren't comfortable then we are going to make it right for you and get you as comfortable as we can and we bend over backwards trying our best to do this. The reason I started Mean City Cycles was to help my fellow riders save money from having to buy the expensive after market seats and that has been our goal since the beginning and it hasn't changed and won't change. The second reason and I hate to say this but there are people out there who will take advantage of it and have. We are here to help before and after the sale so please do not hesitate to contact us if we miss the target because we do want you to be comfortable plain and simple.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.



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