The Iron Butt - $285

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The Ultimate modification for long distance riding developed exclusively for spending all day the saddle and wanting more. The original foam is reshaped to disperse the rider's weight more evenly over the sitting area. The first layer of foam is added and shaped to improve comfort, the second layer is installed and shaped then the final layer of foam is added and shaped then the seat is covered with a thin layer of foam, a water proof plastic sheeting is then placed on the seat and cover re-installed. This modification has been used for the lower 48 plus Alaska ride in 10 days with the rider logging 900 miles a day, it is definitely for the serious all day in the saddle rider.

NOTE - Due to the amount of foam being put in for this modification the riding position cannot be changed much if any. It depends on the year and model of motorcycle you have. The thigh area of the seat can be narrowed to help achieve better footing but lowering the riding position is very questionable. Raising the riding position on the other hand is very do-able though.


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Express Service $100 + cost of modification

With the new Express service we will work your seat in as soon as it arrives and ship it back the next day. We will work overtime (after normal business hours) on these seats and have priced this service accordingly. You must  call to take advantage of this service. $50 deposit non-refundable is required.

Testimonials -

What a Ride
I had both seats done over winter, and waited until I had at least 1,000 miles on the bike this Spring before commenting. In a word..."fantastic." Both seats have broken in nicely after having the dou...
Joe T.