November 15, 2013

on Sunday, 17 November 2013.

I know its been over 2 months since last writing an update.   I have been waiting to get some of the new 2014 bike seats in so I could tell what we have found and let you know you what we can or cannot do to them.  So let's get started.

We started receiving the 2014 Harley seats in around 3 weeks after they came out and Harley really hasn't changed much if anything to them.  The seat pans on the touring bikes are the same as last year's which came out midway through 2010 on some of the Ultra limited's and called the "LOW" seat pan.  These are very good seats to modify and work well with our modifications. 

Two months and one week after placing the order our new 2014 Indian Chieftain finally arrived and as they say "good things come to those who wait".  I didn't have anybody free who could take me to the dealership to pick the bike us so I had to trailer it to the shop.  Once we got her inside the first thing we did was take off the seats and modified it based off test rides I did on the bikes.  I did the Memory foam modification to our bikes driver's seat and left the passenger seat alone at this point.  The stock foam used in most Polaris motorcycles is pretty good for passengers and I really didn't see any point to make changes to it right now.  The driver's seat modified pretty well.  The stock foam for drivers weighing over 190 pounds is probably going to be a little soft and as the foam breaks in it would get worse.  Several cool things about the Indian seats.  The sitting area on both driver and passenger seats is leather and the sides of the covers are vinyl.  The bad thing about these seats though is the use of leather in the sitting areas.  It won't have any effect on the passenger seat modifications but on the driver's seat it will some. On our driver's seat the riding position was lowered around a 1/2" and the seat was narrowed slightly just to help get a little better footing for moving the bike around.  The cover went back on very good.  I have just over 250 miles on the seat now but it is breaking in nicely and I will know if its going to be a winner in the next 500 miles.  I do have a few things I am wanting to try to the seat but I want to get by the break in point before making any changes to it to make sure what I did is going to work or not.  In the next month or two I should have these seats mastered though.

Still looking for the elusive Honda Goldwing F6B.  We have been getting a lot of calls to work on these seats but I haven't had one to work on yet and it seems everybody that calls is out of state.  I really need to get one of these bikes in the shop before I start working on them so I can see how the seat works with the bike.  Once we do then we'll start offering modifications on them also.

Everything at the shop has been running really smooth the past few months and we are actually into our slow part of the years, Oct and Nov have always been our slowest two months and usually right after Thanksgiving things start picking up again.   It does seem to be picking up a little early this year.  This past week was almost a full scheduled week and next week is looking to be another busy week.

For Thanksgiving week we will be closing early on Wednesday around 2 PM EST and will be closed Thursday and Friday.  Everybody here at the shop hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Till next time, be safe and enjoy the ride.


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