September 10, 2013

on Tuesday, 10 September 2013.

This has been a very extremely busy year at the shop and I have been stretched thin since January and I am in the process of making changes to free up some of my time at the shop to take phone calls more than I have.  It has been a exciting year though but if I could have seen the future there would have definitely been some decisions made differently but as they say hindsight is always 20/20.


There is a lot of exciting things going on in the motorcycle industry right now.  Harley Davidson releasing their 2014 models and it looks like they have been listening to the riders.  I haven't gotten to ride any of the new models but from what I have heard so far the changes are good so I have to give them a Kudos for that.  I have seen the new models in person and have checked out their seats and it looks like they are carrying over previous seats used on the 2013 bikes which is great because we have been working on these seats since 2011 with the exception of the Ultra which it looks like a cover re-design is the only noticeable change.


I was a bit skeptical when I heard a few years ago that Polaris bought Indian.  My first thought was oh crap, here we go again and it won't be long till Indian is gone again.  Well to my surprise Polaris has some big plans and have sunk a lot money into them and unveiled a totally re-designed motorcycle but kept that classic look.  Still not overly excited but thought I would look into them a little more and found out the local dealership was having a demo ride and thought I would go down and check them out in person so I had to sign up for the demo ride and almost missed out because they only had a few slots left open.  I guess there were a lot more people interested in them than I thought.  I was able to see the Chief, Chief Classic and the brand new Chieftain.   I wanted to test ride the Chieftain and got lucky again as it was first come first serve and I was able to snag the last one...whew!  I won't get into much detail but the bike rode and handled really well.  All three bikes use the same seats so that is good but I haven't been able to take one apart yet so I am not sure what kind of modifications are going to work on them yet or what I can do with them but if all goes as planned I should have one in the shop to work on mid to late October and I will definitely update on how the seat is made.  I really believe Indian is back and here to stay under the guidance of Polaris and I have to give them a big thumbs up for what they have done.


Still trying to get a look at Honda's F6B bike and seat.  We have had a lot of calls wanting me to work on them but I haven't seen one in person and have been trying to find one at a local dealership but no luck yet. I think Honda has a done a good thing with the design of the bike slickening up but I have felt Honda is always a few steps behind what customers are wanting but that's just my opinion.  Honda builds one heck of a solid performing motorcycle and I set the standard for performance and reliability.  Their design team though may want to jump on the band wagon a little earlier and watch and listen the riders a little better.  I love the Fury but it seemed to come out right when the chopper scene died and they dropped the VTX line to release motorcycles that look a lot like the Fury.  Yeah, cruisers are still somewhat popular but hard bagged baggers have been the popular bikes since 2006 and I don't see that changing since people have learned you can have a cool looking but functional bike.  I am not trying be disrespectful to Honda or Honda rider's because again I think Honda builds one of if not the most reliable motorcycles on the market and its tough to beat their prices.


Another riding season is quickly coming to an end and our season here in North Carolina has been really short due to all the rain we have gotten.  It seemed like every weekend it would rain and in our area we have had three rains where we got over 5"s of rain at one time and one where we got 10"s which caused a lot of damage and closed some local roads for a while to be repaired.


2014 will mark Mean City Cycles 10th year in business and that just amazes me but I can tell you a lot of hard work has gone into the business to get us to 10 years.  I have learned a lot over the past 9 years and I am sure I am going to learn a lot more and hopefully continue to grow the company. 


That will wrap up this update.  We already have 2014 Harley seats scheduled and will be posting updates on any changes found with them and the new Indian's in the near future.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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