May 24, 2013

on Friday, 24 May 2013.

Time is really flying by this year it's hard to believe we are almost in June and it feels like the days are just merged together.  We have had a lot of things happen since the last update so I will try to get all that stuff covered and I am sure I don't have tell you that we are busy.

Back late November or early December I was contacted by one of the previous owners(Chris O'Connor) of our local Harley Dealership about may be working together on a new business project here at our shop.  We met for lunch one day and he went over some things and told me about his past history in Harley drag racing and all of the different aspects he has had working for and owning a Harley Dealership.  He was a several time Regional and National Champion drag racer and engine builder.  He has worked on all types of Metric bikes and was one of the first 60 master Harley mechanics.  Well, long story short what he was wanting to do was stay in the motorcycle industry since that is all he had ever worked in which from what I was seeing wasn't going to be hard.  He had gotten several job offers at other dealerships and was getting offers to get back into bike drag racing.  He told me he had been following MCC's progress over the year and was impressed with our customer feedback and reviews and wanted to do something with us which made me feel really good.  We talked and met a few more times over the next few months and last month we reconfigured the shop for him to have a work area to service and work on motorcycles and build engines.  We also talked about offering parts but he would be tied up working on bikes and I just don't have the time to handle the parts side of the business because my days are filled with working on seats so we decided we wouldn't go into the parts side of the business.

Well, as luck would have it one of my good friends(Chad Poovey also a home town Maiden boy)who was working for him at the dealership and had been there working parts and in the service side stopped by the shop one day and was ready for a change.  That night it really got me thinking, if I were to ever to start offering parts I would need someone that is really good, knows what he is talking about and has excellent customer service skills and he knocks all that stuff out of the park.  He knows Harley and Metric's plus dirt bike and ATV/UTV and has worked on them all.  So we started talking, well to make a longer story short last month we opened the parts side of the business. MCC is now a full service motorcycle shop and not just a seat shop any longer.  We offer all Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Amsoil, Kuryakyn, Bad Dad and Camtech Customs to just name a few and we are adding more every day. 

One thing that really had me concerned about offering parts was could we compete with the internet prices because I have always heard from people that they would always find their best deals online.  After we got set up with Drag the first thing I started doing was checking on pricing to see if we could compete and to my surprise I found that we can meet or beat any price I searched which made me feel really good knowing that if people would give us a chance we would give them the best price they could find.

Another thing that I found is that to become a dealer for some product lines you have to buy X-amount of dollars of product and the more you buy the better deal you get.  So, when we were doing our buy in we tried to make sure we would buy stuff that wouldn't sit on the floor and is common parts needed so most of the buy in products we have stocked right now is service products so we do not have a lot of parts on the floor but we do have a pretty good start and one thing I found also is that most anything a person could want for their motorcycle is we can have it at the shop the next day when ordered which is really cool.

Now since I have gotten you up to speed a little bit let me say welcome to our newest team members Chris O'Connor and O'Connor bikes offering full service on Harley and Metric motorcycles and Chad Poovey our new parts manager for MCC.

To go back a little people have and still do ask "How did you come up with the name Mean City Cycles?"  When I was growing up we lived outside of Maiden and there is a road sign I would see almost every day that said MAIDEN 10 miles and I always kind of thought that the way the sign looked it made MAIDEN look kind of mean looking plus Maiden High School has always had really good High School football teams.  We lived on the outskirts of Maiden and I really didn't know anyone in or from the town but would always hear about how good the football team was and the players were mean.  So, there is where the "Mean City" came from the spelling of the sign and reputation of its football players.  The "Cycles" part of the name the came from me not wanting to be limited to just seat work.  When I first started MCC I would do about anything asked to do such as exhaust, polishing parts and oil changes but as the word spread about my seat work that part of the business kind of took over and I didn't want to change the name to reflect just seat work thinking maybe one day the opportunity would come up to where we could do what we have started doing now so I have always kept the name Mean City Cycles and it has a certain ring to it.

So now when people find out we are offering parts and service they are asking "are you going list parts on your web site?"  As of right now, no. There are so many parts on the market and we have available to us it would be very difficult and rather expensive to get everything listed.  So what I have been recommending is look at the drag specialties website,  they have all of their catalogs posted online where you can view them over internet.  If you see something you want

then just give us a call and we'll price it for you or you can email Chad at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   like I said previously we will meet or beat anybody's advertised price and when you couple that with our excellent customer service why would you buy from anyone else?

Last thing as I know this has been a long one.  We have set up to where you can buy Amsoil products from us online.  You will see a Amsoil banner on the right side of the page, just click on it and you can purchase it and have it shipped to you.  Amsoil is one of if not the best synthetic oils on the market and I have been using it for years plus they sponsor all of the big rallies and I am all about helping those that help us.

That's going to wrap up this update, sorry it was so lengthy but I had a lot to put out and let you know what's going on at the shop.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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