December 12, 2012

on Friday, 14 December 2012.

Almost Christmas again and our orders are starting to pick up.  It's funny how our work cycle continues to be the same year after year.  This year our slow time hasn't been as slow in the past but we can definitely see an increase in orders over the past couple of weeks.  One thing I always try to do is improve things when work is slow and we have the time to do so.  This year we decided to work on our bag liner design.  We have made them now where they completely cover the inside of the saddle bags and actually cut the cost of manufacturing also which in turn gave us a better product, less cost to produce and a better value for our customers which we are passing the savings along to.

December is almost full and in another day or two we will be scheduling in January.  This will be our 9th year in business which is freaking awesome and want to thank all of our customers, past present and future for using our services.  It still amazes me that this all started in my dad's garage one afternoon and has grown into what it is today.  I would have never dreamed it would and every year we keep growing.  One thing has never changed since day one and that is we want every customer happy and we do

whatever we have to, to accomplish this.  While my goal is to have every customer happy I have learned that there are a few people out there that no matter what you do or how hard to try you will never make them happy.  When I first started MCC guys would just send their seats in with a brief note explaining their problems and I would fix it but now we have a page full of rules and a order form.  One customer I was talking to said "you must have dealt with some real a-holes to have all these rules in place" I couldn't help but laugh but like our teachers said back in school.  One person messes

everything up for everybody.  While that is true to some point we keep pressing forward to having every customer happy and hopefully one day we will be able to achieve that.

We will be closing the afternoon of December 21st and will be closed till December 26th for the Christmas Holiday then we will be closing on December 28th through January 2nd for New Years.  

Everybody here at Mean City Cycles wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Testimonials -

Best money ever spent
The best money I have ever spent. Before our mods, we couldn't go 100 miles without a break. Now, we don't even get off for fuel-ups. Iron-butt challenge here we come.
Dennis Bishop