October 15, 2012

on Friday, 19 October 2012.

I apologize to our faithful readers for a very slow update on what's going on at the shop.  We lost a few employees and it put us in a man power bind big time and we have been working our butts off making other peoples butts happy.  Both positions have been semi-filled though but it will take us some time to get everybody trained and up to speed.  Usually training takes 3-6 months to get people familiar with the basics and at least a good year to get them on their own.  So if you get someone on the phone who sounds a little unsure, it's because they are in the learning process and please be patient with them.

Usually this time of year is slow for us.  October and November have historically been our two slowest months.  The past several weeks we have been wide open and being short handed hasn't helped at all but I am very happy that we have been as busy as we have been.  I remember the first year when I went full time with the business, I was sitting in our old new shop about 2 weeks after moving into it and there were only 2 boxes of seats sitting against the wall waiting to be done...not good and I was worried but right after Thanksgiving the phone starts to ring off the hook but then last year it started about a week before Thanksgiving so our slow time keeps getting shorter and shorter which is great.

I had been previously talking in the past about us venturing out into a new area and four weeks ago we took the plunge.  Being short handed I was somewhat skeptical on doing it but the opportunity was there and we jumped on it.  We have started offering custom car interior work now.  The first project went really good and we are now working on our second car which will be our show piece for us to use at car shows.  We are almost finished with it and should have it all wrapped up this week.  This new business will be a subsidiary of Mean City Cycles, LLC.  We will be using our old shop for the car interior work. I feel this move is going to be a huge step for MCC and I am really excited about it.  We have been getting asked since day one if we do car interiors and we weren't in the position to do them and with all the motorcycle seat work I wasn't sure if we could get there but we are there now and we have several cars lined up waiting to get in the shop so it's been pretty cool so far.  We will be bringing our same customer service and quality and hopefully our prices will be very competitive which from what I am seeing we will be priced a lot less than others are just like our seat modification prices.

This seasons rallies are winding down and unfortunately we were only able to make it to one this year.  I know I said we were short handed the past few months but we have really been short handed about all year and it killed our rally schedule but we have had plenty of work at the shop so it worked out pretty good except for those wanting us to be at a rally to work on their seats...sorry.  With that being said with the addition to our services I am not sure what next year's rally schedule will be right now and I don't know if we will even attempt to make any rallies.  The rising cost of fuel and promoters wanting crazy prices just don't make it worth our while to go honestly.  Sure we get work at the rallies and usually get some afterwards from being there but after all the expenses of going, setting up, labor and so on its just gotten to the point to where it's not worth going.  We have a lot of people call the shop asking if we are going to be at different rallies so maybe you guys need to start telling the promoters they need to pay us to come set up because we do draw a crowd where ever we go.

That's going to wrap up this update.  Hopefully it won't be as long before the next one.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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