February 27, 2012

on Tuesday, 28 February 2012.

Holy cow has the scheduling been busy this year.  We just made our 3rd and final adjustment on the schedule and are actually scheduling more seats per day than we ever have, the bad news is though we are having to adjust our ride in schedule some to accommodate the extra work load.  We have been scheduling at least one ride in per day but we will be slowing the ride in schedule down a little till things slow down just a little bit.

With the increased work load we have make a few changes in the shop also by hiring two new people.  I want to welcome Kevin and Chasity to the MCC team. We have previously tried running ads in local papers and over some of the social groups we are on but this time we put a sign out in front of the shop and I was amazed at the number of applicants we got.  We ended up having to take the sign down early on the second day it was out because we a lot of great applicants and while we were actually looking for just one person we had two candidates that were greatly qualified and grabbed them.  Like any new employee they have a lot to learn and if you get one of them on the phone please be patient with them, they are both learning and we are trying to teach them as much as we can as quick as we can but there is a tremendous amount to learn.

Just when I thought we were finally getting ahead on the bag liners and had a few sets made up then BAM! What we had made up got ordered and now they are gone so we are hard at work trying to get more made up ahead of ordering.  The bag liners are very time consuming and with the increased number of seats limits us to usually one person just working on bag liners orders each day but things are in motion to up production over the next few weeks.

Well, Diesel fuel has hit $4 a gallon and I know it's early yet but Sturgis is looking like it won't be making the trip this year.  With these prices we would be looking at a $2000 fuel bill and that would cut too much into profit.  I know things could change and I don't want to rule it out just yet but it's not looking very good.  I hate it because I love going to Sturgis but if we can't make money then there is no use in going.  All the other scheduled events we have right now are still on and I don't see any problems going to them.

That's going to wrap up this week's update.  As always enjoy the ride and stay safe.


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