January 9, 2012

on Tuesday, 10 January 2012.

Just as in previous years the phone starts ringing a lot more after Thanksgiving and after Christmas it shifts into another gear and after New Years it hits hi gear and wide open.  We have already started adjusting our schedule to accommodate more seats per day to ensure we don't get to far out on scheduling and right now we are at 2 1/2 weeks out but it won't stay there for very long with the way the scheduling has picked up over the past few weeks.

Still working on the events for this coming year and things are still up in the air on some of them.  I feel pretty sure we will be at Thunder Beach for the spring rally and I am almost 100% sure we will be at the Hog Happenin event again.  Sturgis is kind of on a see-saw right now due to the fuel prices.  If the fuel prices stay where they are we will be looking at an $1800-2600 fuel bill and unless we can work out something on spot fees.  I really like going to Sturgis but like I have said in the past it isn't worth going just to fight to break even, we have to be able to make money.

Our cover work has really picked up this year and we have been doing some really cool cover work.  When I first started MCC I always thought that the cover work would be 60 to 70% of our work but really it's only been in the 5 to 6% range.  Most guys are happy with their stock covers and just want the seats to be more comfortable but it is fun when we get a cool cover to do and combine it with our reshaping.  We have a few pictures of our cover work on the website but most of the pictures are posted onto our Facebook page just because it's easier and faster to post them there.  Plus the what's new updates have slowed a little because we are always posting on Facebook again because it's easier and faster to post to.

That's going wrap up this week's update.  Everybody here at MCC hopes you had a great Christmas and we all hope you have a wonderful New Year.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Testimonials -

You guys did an excellent job! customer service is A+ which is hard to find now days. I am 5 ft 4 with a 29 inch inseam, this mod helped me be flat footed with knees slightly bent and is comfortable. ...