December 5, 2011

on Wednesday, 07 December 2011.

I hope everybody had a Great Thanksgiving.  Everybody here at MCC really enjoyed our 4 day weekend, it's rare that we get that many days off in a row and when we do we really enjoy it.

Scheduling has really been booming the past few weeks but we have been able to stay right at 2 weeks out but that is all about change in the next month or so when things really crank up.  As always we will adjust our scheduling a little more but we can only work on so many seats a day and I really do not want to add another seat guy because we cannot maintain a third seat guys all year.

I have been busy working on events for this up-coming year and as long as diesel prices either stay where they are or come down we should hit a good number of events with our first one being in January of 2012 for the Easy Rider's Show in Charlotte NC.  I have also been in talks with several other promoters and I am 99% sure we will make a return to Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach Florida for their spring rally.  I really hate we missed the event this past year because we always draw a crowd to us and it looks like we will be set up at Pineapple Willy's with our friends from United Riders  Philip is a great guy to deal with and he has some awesome deals on leather clothing so I highly recommend you checking them out.

Our saddlebag liners have been a huge hit since releasing them.  We have added two new colors recently, Electric Blue and Silver after we had two local customers request them and saw how good these colors look. So that brings us up to nine different colors and is the best color selection of any bag liner on the market and they are the only removable bag liners offered that are custom made like ours are.

The past several weeks our custom cover orders have been up big time.  We have some really cool covers being made and while I try to get pictures of these seats put on our website as quick as I can we update our Face book page almost daily so if you aren't our friend on Face book I highly recommend becoming our friend and you will see these seats are they are completed and posted.  This coming week we have several cool seats in the works and I am looking forward to seeing the finished seats myself because these are some new designs that we haven't done in the past and should be really cool.

That's going to wrap up this week's update.  Till next time be safe, stay warm and enjoy the ride.


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