Sept. 30, 2011

on Monday, 03 October 2011.

Hard to believe that another month has gone by seems just like yesterday we were starting the New Year.  Our schedule is still really strong for this time of year which is awesome and just the other day I went back into our two previous years schedules to see how we were comparing and this year we are busier than our two previous years which is really good.  We keep getting busier and busier each year.

I know I keep saying our bag liners are doing really well and we have seen a big jump in their sales this past month and I think they may take on their own department in the coming year if sales continue to grow like they are. We have several dealers set up and of course you can order them directly from us.  We have added two new colors, flame blue and silver.

We have been receiving a lot of phone calls and emails asking if we are setting up at the Myrtle Beach Rally and Thunder Beach Rally and the answer to both are, No.  Myrtle Beach has said they don't want us there and Thunder Beach has gone up on their vendor pricing and honestly has made it next to impossible to make a profit and if we can't make money there isn't any use in going.  I will look at Thunder Beach for the next spring rally but I it is really doubtful that we will go.  I always liked the Thunder Beach Rally and we always had a good turnout for it so I won't say we won't be back.  I will try to negotiate with the promoters to see if we can get back there in the future.

Usually this time of year our ride in scheduling really slows down but this year we are staying booked up really well so if you are planning on doing a ride in you probably want to call at least 2 weeks ahead of time to get a date that will work into your schedule and ours.

That's going to wrap up this week's update, till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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