August 25, 2011

on Friday, 26 August 2011.

I know it's been a few weeks since updating the what's new page.  It's just been a little hectic around the shop the past few weeks and every time I would think about writing it something would come up to keep me away from the computer but there is a good bit to write about this week so let's get started.

This past Thursday through Saturday we were set up in Hickory NC at Blue Ridge Harley Davidson for the NC State HOG Rally.  Thursday was a little slow but by the end of the day we were rocking pretty good.  We had three storms heading for us throughout the day but they all split around us which was kind of weird but the fourth storm nailed us pretty good.  No damage but we did get just a little wet.  Friday was a really good day and had a killer storm blow through at the end of the day and we got soaked.  60 MPH straight winds and the hauler was rocking and I was a little nervous that we were going to lose the awning because she tried to take flight a couple times. Saturday totally rocked.  We were working on our last seat when the sky started getting dark again and luckily we were spared a bad storm and just got a little drizzle.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and have us work on your seats.  This was our last event for the year and I am pretty disappointed that we didn't get to go to more rallies this year.  At the start of the year we have stuff scheduled for every month and I was really excited about it but we would have shut the shop down for most of them which we did to attend the HOG rally which hurt us but things are looking up for next year's rallies.

The Bag Liners have taken on a life of their own and orders have been pouring in the past few weeks.  We had been able to get several different colors made up but as you would know all the orders that came in were for liners that weren't made up so we have been scrambling trying to get those all made up.  We have had several different custom bike shops become dealers for the liners which is really cool and I look for the liners to be really big around Christmas time.  I am hoping to have the full set, bag liners and have the tour pack liners available by then.  So to all the guys who have been asking, yes the tour pack liners are coming soon.

I want you guys to be nice to our newest employee Christy Short.  It takes a lot to impress me and Christy has impressed the hell out of me since her first day and I think you guys are going to enjoy talking to her on the phone and in person for the lucky few that make it to the shop.  She will be scheduling and taking orders and helping our customers with the modification selections.  She is still learning the modifications and what will work on different seats so be a little patient with her right now.

That's going to wrap up this week's update, I got to get back working on bag liners so till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Testimonials -

Just got my seat today. This seat is perfect. I could touch the ground before but now I am perfectly flat footed and the seat is really comfortable. Thanks again.
Brian Dotson