July 6

on Wednesday, 06 July 2011.

I hope everybody had a great 4th of July.  We took Friday through Monday off and got a little riding in ourselves.  Rode up to Gatlinburg TN for the weekend and enjoyed the heck out of the riding up there.  Nothing like the twisty's and much cooler Mountain air.

We came back in yesterday, got caught up on emails and returned all the messages left on the answering machine so we are all caught up on that stuff.  If you did not get a email response check your spam folder because we replied to them all.  Scheduling was hot and heavy yesterday and from the looks of it today will be another busy day scheduling.

The scheduling is working perfectly as it was designed to and we are running right on schedule which is always good.  Super quick turnaround times are the reason we started scheduling.

Well let's get down to some business happenings.  The bag liners are doing great and we have actually got all the orders filled that were placed before the holiday.  On scheduling we are just over 3 weeks out right now which is good, usually this time of year we are about 5-6 weeks out.  Our rally schedule has Sturgis on the board next.  My long time help who has been working with me at the rallies can't make the trip this year so I have been looking for someone to fill in.  I thought I had someone but I found out yesterday he can't go and I have one more possible person to fill in.  If that falls through it looks like we may not be able to make the trip this year which will suck a big one but as any business we will just have to roll with the flow and see what happens.  It is getting very close to me having to make a call on it and if I don't finalize something this week Sturgis will be off for fingers are crossed though.

This year has seen a lot of new additions for us.  The ATV and motocross seat modifications which has really boosted business and of course our new bag liners have been a huge hit.  I have already started planning on some new things to work on over the winter and can't wait to get cranked up on them but I most likely won't get to get started on them till October or November but I think what I have in mind will be a big success like the previous two additions to our lineup.  So stay tuned for some new things in the near future.

That's it for this week, till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Thanks MCC
Hands down the best money i have spent on my bike.Wanted to move back and drop down in the seat some,i am 6'3 and it is perfect.The seat is so much more comfortable now compared to before .I am a huge...