June 25

on Friday, 24 June 2011.

Wrapping up another busy week here at the shop.  Custom shaping motorcycle seats is our business and business is good.  Thank you to everybody who is using our services and thank you to everybody spreading the word about us. Got to thank the guys and gals ordering our new bag liners also, the bag liners have really taken off.

This past Wednesday we had another photo shoot at the shop for our new bag liners.  I want to thank my Steve and Mike for loaning us their bikes so we could have a couple different colors shot this time.  Thanks to Mark Beamer for shooting the pictures and thanks to the lovely Katrina Charles for modeling.  Once we have selected a few pictures we will be sure to post a few on the site, maybe even make a background for your computer and a screen saver.

Sturgis is quickly approaching and while in the past its been trying to find a spot to set up which we nailed down last year this year it is trying to find help to go to Sturgis to work.  I have a couple good leads and I feel sure someone will come through but it's getting nail biting time.

With the addition of the bag liners to our line up the hauler is getting really crowded so a few weeks ago I ordered a camper shell for the truck and yesterday got it installed.  It really added a lot of packing room and makes the truck look huge.  Pretty excited about loading it up and see how much room it does give us.  Guess I will have to wait a month till we start loading for Sturgis before we get to see how much it's going to help but I think it will let us get another bike in the hauler if we load everything up nice and tight.

Our ride in scheduling has really picked up over the past few weeks, we are about a month out on that scheduling which is really good.  On normal ship in scheduling we still hovering around a month out which is really good for this time of year but we have been working our butts off trying to keep it there.

One last thing before we wrap up this update.  Our bag liner orders are about 2-3 weeks out right now.  We are making them as fast as we can but they do take a lot of time to make and we ran into a shortage on one of the key supplies which has hampered production a little but we just received our supplies in and I will be working this weekend on getting some of the older orders completed. Sorry for the delay to those who have ordered and have been patiently waiting.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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