May 25, 2011

on Wednesday, 25 May 2011.

Another busy week is upon us and we have finally hit a warming trend here in North Carolina and the motorcycles are out in full force.  With the nice weather it lets us finally get some riding in also but it's mostly to and from work but at least we are saving on gas.  We are less than two weeks away from our first event for the year which is the Hog Happenin in Lincolnton NC.  We will be set up Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th. Friday's events start at 5 PM and we should be open at 5 and will be working on seats till 9 to 9:30PM before calling it a day.  Friday is going to be a long day because we will have the shop open also working on scheduled seats. Saturday we open at 9 AM and will be working on seats till around 5 to 5:30 PM.  This is a really good event that keeps growing every year.  Last year the event was really big but our location sucked and I have been told we will be back on Main Street again.  There will be a BBQ cook off going on and they have some really good food so if you want to have your seat done there is plenty to do and see while we are working on your seat.

We have been really busy at the shop and usually for this time of year we are scheduled out a little over 6 weeks but we have managed to get us to right at a month so 4 weeks out is really good.  We usually hit a big surge of scheduling right after labor day which is this coming weekend but we are going to do all we can to stay right around 4 weeks if possible.

The bag liner sales have really been going great and we are now offering bag liners for extended saddle bags also.  If you want to add some style to the inside of your bags and protect what you carry in them this is the way to go because our liners have a real pimp look.  Check out our bag liners page

We had planned on setting up at a lot more events this year than in the previous year but the surge in gas prices has made us rethink our plans.  I just had to fill up the truck today and we are $133 lighter in the pocket. Thinking ahead I know we are going to have to stop 7-8 times for fuel on the way to Sturgis and 7-8 times on the way back so if prices stay where they are we are going to have over $2000 in fuel cost to get us there and back which is over double what it cost last year and that's not good.  Sturgis is still on our calendar of events to set up at this year and we have paid for our spot, I just hope the fuel cost don't get keep on getting stupid high.

Well, I have to get back to work so that's going to wrap up this week's update.  Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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