May 9, 2011

on Monday, 09 May 2011.

Where is time going?  My god time is flying by and it seems like it is just getting faster and faster.  Things at the shop are rocking.  Scheduling has been real heavy this year and throw in everything else that goes along with life and we haven't had much free to time for ourselves to ride.  We did enjoy the long weekend at Easter and I got out and did some riding over Easter at Lake Lure and down the BRP, I must say I could get use to being off like that more and enjoying the bike.
We are heading into rally season and I am really excited about getting out to them and letting people see the new bag liners first hand.  They are doing very well just off the website but its nothing like seeing them in person and I think they will be a huge hit at the rallies.  We are producing them as fast as we can and the plan is to have them forsale at the rallies and installation also.  We'll get to get our first glimpse at how well they will do next month when we hit the Hog Happenin in Lincolnton NC for the two day event there.
I have the extended bag liners in production now also so if you have extended saddlebags we can fix you up.  I have to thank Derk at Bad Dad for hooking us up with a set of his extended bags and rear fender.  After getting the bag liners worked out of course I had to put the bags on my bike and they are at the painters now getting some fresh paint put on them and will have the bike back all together next week.  We are planning on another photo shoot and the next one will have a couple more bikes and we will be showing more colors.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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