Hick Custom Machine Works

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The new format of the site is being designed to connect the metric motorcycle community with the motorcycle parts manufacturing community. This opens many great opportunities. You can share your ideas and let manufacturers know what you want made for your bike. It allows manufacturers to get an idea of demand for a product. It allows you, the consumer, to voice real honest reviews of existing products whether good or bad. It allows us, manufacturers, to use this info to improve our products. And something that Hick Custom Machine Works has always offers a storefront for the small time vendors with a good product, so they can bring their designs to you.



WOW !!!!!!! VERY IMPRESSED......
MCC ROCKS !!!! I did a lot of research b4 picking MCC for my seat modification. I even purchased a few aftermarket seats (and quickly sent them back as they did not accomplish the feel I was needing)...
Robert Bowers Jr. - Dallas, Texas