How much does return shipping cost?

That will depend on your location and size of the package you send your seat in. If you send me your complete shipping address I can give you a shipping quote. All seats are shipping via FedEx. I have found FedEx has very competitive rates and they pick up everyday from the shop. UPS delivers to the shop everyday also and if you include a return label that is fine but if you want the seat returned via UPS or USPS there will be a $25 fuel charge for seat delivery to these locations if I have to deliver them to the shipping company. I hate doing this but it takes time away from me being in the shop and extra travel isn't figured into my prices.

  • Friday, 25 February 2011


Best value of any mod on my bike!
Finding the perfect seat is not an easy task, with all the trends and brands and styles. Plus once you finally make the decision and spend your hard earned money, there's no guarantee you'll like it a...
Ben White