How much does return shipping cost?

That will depend on your location and size of the package you send your seat in. If you send me your complete shipping address I can give you a shipping quote. All seats are shipping via FedEx. I have found FedEx has very competitive rates and they pick up everyday from the shop. UPS delivers to the shop everyday also and if you include a return label that is fine but if you want the seat returned via UPS or USPS there will be a $25 fuel charge for seat delivery to these locations if I have to deliver them to the shipping company. I hate doing this but it takes time away from me being in the shop and extra travel isn't figured into my prices.

  • Friday, 25 February 2011


Before & After
"I just wanted you guys to see the difference you have made in my riding - "before and after". It's the most important mod I could have made. I had been thinking of selling the bike before this...
Chloe Conner