Extreme Mod - $65

* Plus return shipping
3.5/5 rating (251 votes)

This modification will give you the feeling of sitting in the motorcycle and not on it. It lowers the rider up to 3 1/2 inches and move the rider back in the saddle up to 3 1/2 inches. Plus the seat is shaped for a comfort. We take it down to the extreme for that custom cruiser feel.

NOTE - some seats cannot be moved back as much as others due to the way the seat pan is designed.

IMPORTANT Scheduling How to Schedule Your Seat

We schedule all of our work, by doing so this makes our turn around time over night.
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Express Service $100 + cost of modification

With the new Express service we will work your seat in as soon as it arrives and ship it back the next day. We will work overtime (after normal business hours) on these seats and have priced this service accordingly. You must  call to take advantage of this service. $50 deposit non-refundable is required.


What a difference....
My seat has become a none issue. I can ride all day and not worry about my butt. The service was great. Thanks for a great job....
Roy Gunn