November 17, 2010

on Wednesday, 17 November 2010.

Talk about a big swing. This week so far has been super busy scheduling and for the first time since August we are over 2 weeks out on the scheduling. Seems like every year we keep getting busier and busier during this time of year and things start picking back up earlier each year, which I certainly am not going to complain about at all.

We will start listing the dates for next year's rallies and events that we will be setting up at shortly. So far all we have confirmed is three events and those are Thunder Beach Spring Rally and the fall rally and of course Sturgis. Still waiting on word from my contact in Daytona so that one is still in the works. I feel pretty sure we will be back at the Hog Happenin in Lincolnton NC and we may go back to the CBA swap meet in Charlotte. We did okay at the CBA event itself but we had a lot of people who saw us there come to the shop for seat work so it was a good event for us overall. I am looking into a few others also but I don't want to stretch us too thin in the shop and I don't want to live on the road either so about 5 to 7 rallies will be our cut off point.

Last week was terrible. If something could go wrong it did. The big one was the truck. Had a head gasket blow out on it so it was down 4 days getting repaired. Luckily we didn't have any rain and I rode the bike everyday to work and got the truck back on Friday afternoon. After the truck went down it just snow balled from there and like I said if it could go wrong it did but this week is much better and actually found out yesterday the truck has an extended warranty on it so we may get come money back which would be great. If any of you guys know about 2006 F350's with the 6.0 in them, changing the head gaskets isn't easy and certainly not cheap but one good thing is there was no head damage so if there was a bright side to it that was it and we were at home and not half way to Sturgis when it happened.

We got our first UTV, ATV and working on a local motor cross racer's seat now. I am really excited about expanding over into this area more and the day after posting pictures of the UTV seats with their new cover we got our first order for covers which is really cool. I don't look for this to take off right away, it will take some time to get our name out to this group of people like it has for the motorcycle seats but I feel sure we can make a good impact over there and continue to grow MCC.

Another thing I am really excited about is the development of our new website. Ron at Carolina Cyber Solutions has been working hard and working on a new layout with all the latest website tools so the new site should be easier to navigate but still maintain all the information our current site does. Ron always does a great job for us and the two most things we get compliments on all the time(other than people being happy with their seats)is our customer service is great and our web site is easy to navigate and looks awesome and that all goes to Ron because he is the one who designed it, I just gave a little input on what I would like to see up there. Thanks Ron, you ROCK man!

That's going to wrap up this week's what's new. I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving and till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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