November 4, 2010

on Thursday, 04 November 2010.

The past two weeks we have been really busy and have even started scheduling a few jobs for 2011 which is really good. Usually this is our slow time of the year which it is a little slow right now but nothing like it has been in the past. I remember sitting in the shop all alone the first year when I went full time and was thinking "Oh no, is this over?" but luckily just before Thanksgiving the work started picking back up and after Thanksgiving it went back full bore again and that trend has been the same every year but nothing like it was that first one and it seems every year our slow time isn't as slow as the previous year which is good.

I know I have said this a hundred times but I cannot say it enough. Thank you to all of our past customers for spreading the word about Mean City Cycles. We always ask everybody how they heard about us and what we do and every day we hear that a previous customer recommended them and that makes us very happy. Knowing that our customers appreciate our work and want to recommend us says a lot. To me personally it means we are doing the job right and our customers are happy with our work and that is what I like to hear. So to all of our customers, Thank you! Without you guys MCC wouldn't be where it is today..You guys ROCK!

The past few months our cover orders have really picked up and that's another good thing. I always thought that would be our bread and butter and it still may be one day but to see this area of our business grow is really cool. One thing I get asked about a lot is exotic hides and hand tooled leather. We do not offer these because first the cost is just too much in my opinion and MCC was started to try and help guys save money not spend more. Yes we do lose a little business because we do not offer "High dollar" covers I think we really hit a broader customer base because what services we do offer is a real value and we do offer some custom cover work but nothing over the top. The other thing about working with these materials is they need a hard base or the covers will stretch too much and you will have fitment issues or seams busting so I don't believe they would work very well on most of the seats we do because most of our customers want a softer feel rather than the sitting on a brick feel. We do have a full line of exotics in vinyl though and we often use the imitations on some of our cover work and everybody that sees one of these seats are always impressed by them and usually if they see it they will want one like it so it all works out in the end.

We have already started trying to get things lined up for the 2011 rallies and shows. I think Daytona may be do-able this year but I am still waiting on the final pricing and should know something this week hopefully. We will of course be back at Thunder Beach for the Spring and Fall rallies and of course Sturgis but I really hope we can get things worked out for Daytona because we get asked all the time if we will be there or not and I think I may have finally got in touch with the right person, we'll see.

That's going to wrap up this week's update. Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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