October 25, 2010

on Monday, 25 October 2010.

In the past few updates I mentioned this is our slow time of the year but this year we have been a lot busier than expected which is great. We have been getting a lot of local seats dropped off and of course everybody wants them back yesterday but we have been keeping everybody pretty happy with the turnaround time. A big thanks has to go out to Blue Ridge Harley Davidson they send us a lot of local business on the Harley side of the seat world. Another local dealer JE's Honda sends us a lot from the metric side. So thanks guys we really appreciate ya'll.

Over the past few months I have been trying to figure out a good market to expand into. Currently all we work on are motorcycle seats, that's it. We offer our modifications and new covers but motorcycle seats are it. I have thought about expanding into car seats but there are so many people doing that and that kind of gets us off the motorcycle path. Well, here recently we have been doing a lot of ATV seats for guys. Most have known about us through our work with motorcycle seats so we are going to start offering more services for the ATV, motocross and UTV seats. Hopefully we will even be at some of the local races this coming year and will be offering our services there for new covers and seat rebuilds. I think this will be something really cool also because we can build the seat to help with impacts on hard landings and our cover prices should be very competitive and hopefully a lot cheaper than what is being offered now. So in the next several months we will be working on getting this into action and hopefully in the next few years MCC will be as well know in that area as we are with our street bike seats.

The past couple of months have just flown by. I am guessing that being on the road so much the past few month and the time preparing for Sturgis and Thunder Beach makes things extra busy and when you are busy time passes quickly. November and December is quickly approaching and November everything starts picking back up again and next thing you know we will be into another new year. I still can't believe we have been in business going on 7 years now, where has all that time gone?

One last thing about the ATV,UTV and Motocross seats. I am looking for a few local guys who would like to be a part of Team Mean City. I need seats to make patterns off of for both covers and foam. So if you are local and race please contact me.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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