July 30, 2010

on Friday, 30 July 2010.

One thing I really like to do is keep up with statistics. I guess I got hooked with stats back in my Navy days. At the end of a 6 month deployment they would always give us the stats of how much fuel the ship used, how many gallons of JP5 that the air craft used, the number of launches and arrest. I always thought it was cool and really put into perspective at how much it took to supply an aircraft carrier. So now I like to keep track of how many hits the website gets a day and how people get to us. I remember back when the site first went up, it would get around 10-15 hits a day and by the end of the first year it was getting between 35-50 hits a day. Almost 7 years later and we average around 350 unique visits a day to the website. The most hits in one day is 567. In perspective it really isn't a lot considering the internet is worldwide but most people who go to the website have one thing in mind and that is making their motorcycle seat more comfortable. Another number I watch is the number of schedules per day. In the busy season we usually schedule 15-20 seats per day and in the off season 3-5 seats a day. Google is by far the leader in sending people our way via the internet and the top 5 searches all included Mean City Cycles in some configuration but motorcycle seat modification and custom motorcycle seat is also in the top 8 searches.

One day I was on the net and had just got off the phone with a person who scheduled and thought I would do a search for Mean City Cycles on Google and was shocked at how many results came up. Over 2 million that was a huge shock. So I started going through the pages and was amazed at how many different forums had people talking about our work. We get a lot of testimonials sent to us and we try to post them all but having all these testimonials on different forums gave me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we have helped so many riders and that they were spreading the word about us. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is nothing like word of mouth advertising you just can't buy anything that even compares to it.

Tomorrow the Sturgis crew heads out. 1360 miles one way. Last year I think there was around 325,000 people in attendance and I heard that they are expecting over 800,000 this year with it being an anniversary year (70th). We did pretty good last year and hopefully this year will be as good or even better. I always thought it would be pretty cool to be able to go to the rallies and set up to do seats on the spot. So I started thinking about it and bought the hauler in 2008 but when I started checking on setting up at the rallies I was shocked at how much it would cost just for the spot then you have to take into consideration all the other aspects, like hotel cost, fuel and food plus labor. It really added up quickly. Myrtle Beach is where I figured we would be for our first big rally but that never panned out, the cost of setting up there was just too much to gamble on. I have looked at a lot of different rallies, Daytona, Laconia and several others and never would have thought I would be able to go to Sturgis because it's such a large rally and traveling that far would be tough. So I was surprised that we were able to work things out last year but am glad we did and I look forward getting out there again but just like last year I am nervous and hope we can break even. This year the cost is double of last year so we'll see.

Last thing and I'll end this. I just want to thank Brent and Steve for all their help at the shop. It is nice being able to leave the shop for two weeks and know that these two guys are there running it and keeping things rolling. The shop is our main source of income and it can't close while I am at a rally because there is always the what if we flop at the rally and then the bills don't get paid, so thanks guys for all your hard work and dedication to the business.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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