July 17, 2010

on Saturday, 17 July 2010.

Another week has passed and this one has been a busy one. Scheduling has been heavy and we had a lot of drop off seats this week also. We are still holding onto the 2-3 weeks out on scheduling though and we are doing everything we can to maintain that.

The road crew is starting to get ready to head up to Sturgis for the 70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races. If you haven't ever been to Sturgis I highly recommend going. The riding there is just outstanding and the rally isn't as wild as the TV shows make it out to be...really. It's pretty cool where we are set up which is right on Main Street beside Sturgis Harley Davidson. About 8 to 9 AM you start hearing a rumble of engines by noon it sounds like a constant thunder and stays like that till about 11 PM at night.

We have been outsourcing our embroidery work for the past few years now and this really adds time to the turnaround time. While most seats are in and out in 24 hours the seats requiring embroidery could take anywhere from 36 to 72 hours. We tell customers this and a lot of times, especially in the summer riding month's guys don't want to be without their seats that long and I fully understand that. Well, this week I have started inquiring about embroidery machines and we should have our own in the next month or two. I think this will really speed things up but it will also let us get more creative on what we can offer and make some really cool stuff. I am looking at a few different models and I have it narrowed down to three different mobile units. I believe this will give us a huge edge being able to load it up and take it with us to the rallies. I am really excited about getting this.

I want to thank Brent and Steve, these guys do a great job at the shop and take their job seriously. It's hard to find employee's who care about what they do and these two guys give a 100% all the time. Thanks guys for the hard work and putting up with me. I had a Senior Chief in the Navy who thought if you weren't moving you were wasting time and it kind of rubbed off on me so I know these guys have a hard time understanding my mindset but Brent was in the Army so he kind of understands the way I operate.

One more thing, while in Sturgis the shop will be open back home. We have two crews, one that does the shows and the other that works the shop. The reason I say this is because some people don't realize that the shop is open when we are at Rallies. We get emails and phone calls about this is why I point it out so, Yes, while we are working rallies we have a crew at the shop also working on scheduled seats also.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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