October 22, 2009

on Thursday, 22 October 2009.

We have made it into the new shop and are up and running. We remained operational at the old shop till Tuesday morning then the phone company moved the numbers over late in the morning and we started loading up the hauler. By the end of the day we had everything we needed in place and we spent all day Wednesday getting the shop ready to work out of. We had to move the air compressor and run all the air lines and I hooked up the last air line around 6:30 Wed night. I figured I would be pretty excited about working out of the new shop on Thursday and would wake up early but I guess I was so tired that I actually overslept but still made it in before 5.

Our first day fully operational went really smooth and we touched all bases doing almost every modification we offer including a new cover and a ride in. We don't have the new ride in section of the shop completed just yet but we can still do them like we did at the old shop which is what we did. I took some pictures of most of the shop and will have Ron post them so you guys can check it out.

Scheduling this week has been pretty lite and I think a lot of that has to do with some phone issues we were experiencing. All the phones are up and running now and we have our answering machine back on, it wouldn't work with the new phone system so it had to be installed in front of it so if we missed your call I apologize for that.

There is a thousand things still to get finished though. Our store front isn't ready yet because we can't get the display cases out of my buddy Larry's basement, still waiting on the elevator repair guy to get out there to fix that. So with no display cases we haven't finished the tile in the front, I learned my lesson the hard way at the old shop. You do not finish he floor till everything else is finished because moving stuff across it a hundred times will mess it up fast and I would like to keep it looking good for as long as I can. We need to build a room around the air compressor because it is inside the shop now and that thing is a little loud. I am finding to be almost like a motorcycle, as soon as you think you are done you find something else to change or needs changing so I am afraid this deal may turn into a ongoing thing like my bike has.

The good news though is we are getting a lot of traffic in already with the new location and its kind of funny when someone ask me why did you pick Maiden? I tell them we have been here for almost 6 years just outside of town. We aren't downtown though but I like to call it the new Uptown section of Maiden.

If you are in the area or just want to come check things out please feel free to stop by. We will be here working either on seats or on the shop.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Testimonials -

Great job on my seat!
I purchased my 2008 street glide used. I have short legs and was tip-toeing at stops. You guys lowered my seat and narrowed it at the front so my feet are on solid ground at stops. The best part is...
Jim from northeast Pa.