October 15, 2009

on Thursday, 15 October 2009.

This week's update is going to be short but sweet. We are getting really close to having the new shop ready to move into and we should be getting our Certificate of Occupancy today which is two days later than I was hoping to get it. The Inspector and Fire Marshall came out Tuesday and at first I thought we were good but they went back through a second time and wanted a few things changed which I took care of first thing yesterday and when I called them to get them back in the inspector said it would be 1 PM today before they could get back out so that threw a wrench into the moving plans.

Another set back at the new shop also took place this past Monday. The rear drive was paved which is the access to the ride in area and the front parking lot was looking somewhat rough so it was repaved also. We got a little rain on Monday and the parking lot is sloped towards the building with the low point being at the front doors and we had water running under the doors which flooded, well tried to flood the showroom which we ended up fighting the problem for several hours and finally came up with a solution to stop the water from coming in. The pavers are coming back to fix this the next time we have a sunny day. Actually we hit another speed bump Monday also. I bought a couple display cases from a buddy of mine who runs a music store in Hickory. He is downtown and in one of the older buildings. The display cases are in the basement of the store. All the doors are small and there is a exit from the basement to the alley behind the store which is the way we would have to get them out. Well, the openings are too small and we couldn't get them out so the display cases are still in his basement. He said he got them down there using the elevator but it is out of service and he can't get the repair guy out after several calls. Looks like when we get moved in the show room won't have much in it right off the bat but that part don't really have much to do with day to day operations but having it is going to be a big plus.

That's going to wrap up this week's update. Hopefully the next one will come from the new shop.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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