October 7, 2009

on Wednesday, 07 October 2009.

This week has been one wild and crazy week. We have started getting the new shop ready for us to move into and while I knew it would be a lot of work I really didn't realize how much work it was going to be. I have been getting to the shop earlier than usual so I make sure everything here is taken care of then heading over to the new shop to ensure the work there is getting done and in the mean time trying to find some stuff for our store front. If all goes accordingly we should be in the new shop at the end of next week with our first day of business in it Oct 19th but with that being said I know there are a few wrenches going to be thrown in the way and will slow things down. I roughly figured how much it was going to cost to get into the shop and to no surprise everything seems to running three times as much as I had anticipated.

Since we returned from Thunder Beach the phones have been ringing off the hook with people scheduling. I certainly am not complaining at all so don't take it that way. The reason we are working on the move now is because usually October and November are our slowest two months out of the year and it made sense to do the move in that time frame so we would be ready for the increased orders in December but like I said I am not complaining and am really happy to see this month being as busy as it is.

One thing about the new shop I am really excited about is the store front we will have. It will give our ride in customers a good opportunity to try some of our different modifications and see some of our custom cover work in person. I have been asked if we were going to start selling parts and accessories and the answer is no. We only work on motorcycle seats and that's it. I don't want us to get distracted from what we do best. There is one other thing I am pretty excited about also and that will be our ride in service bay. Ride ins will pull their bike into the shop and will park their bike in a bike stand. This will allow the customer sit on his/her bike and sit in their actual riding position with feet on the pegs or floorboards like they are riding down the road. This will help us to see their riding position better and let the customer get a better feel of the seat as we modify it for them.

Once we get in the shop and have the bugs worked out of it I will start scheduling next years rallies. I do know we will be at the spring and Fall Thunder Beach rallies, Hog Happening in Lincolnton NC and Sturgis again. I am hoping to be able to get to Daytona for Bike week next year but from what I have seen so far that isn't looking good right now due to the high cost of setting up there. We would be there for almost two weeks and if you price a hotel room for two weeks you will understand but I am going to do my best and if we can get there and not have to work our butts off just to break even then we should make it.

That's going to wrap up this weeks what's new. In next week's I will try to have a few pictures of the new shop so you can see whats going on with it.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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Testimonials -

Great job on my seat
Had seat lowered and sides slightly taken in and its just what I was lookin for... Thanx MCC.
Doug M.
Cincinnati, OH