August 5, 2009

on Wednesday, 05 August 2009.

Sturgis is wide open now and we hav e been putting in some real long days and have had great response from everybody who has had us work on their seats. The word of mouth advertising works here also. Guys will get their seat done then then next day their buddies are here lined up to get theirs done.

The HDForums has been well represented. We have been averaging 6 a day from people who have read about us on there.

We have 5 days left of the rally and honestly I am about beat. We are up at 6 and are open by 8 and usually finish the last seat around 9:30. No complaints though, it has been well worth the trip out here. Being in Sturgis is a very cool deal and I feel sure we will continue to make the trip out.

I want to thank Brent and Steve back at the shop for all their hard work. They are continueing daily operations there and are scheduling a lot of seats.

This will be my last report from Sturgis. The next few days we will be very busy and we have 1650 miles to drive home so til next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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