November 17, 2008

on Monday, 17 November 2008.

Another wild week behind us and things are really picking up early this year. Currently we are booking the first week of December and hopefully things will continue. With the holiday season quickly approaching us I do want to say we will be closed Thanksgiving day and will only be open the Friday after Thanksgiving till noon.

5 years ago when I started Mean City Cycles I had no idea that it would have become what it is today. I started out doing these modifications for friends and the word has really spread throughout the motorcycle industry. It just amazes me that we are where are and looking into the future things really look great for MCC. It is really surreal the things that happened and how much things have grown. We are in the December issue of American Bagger magazine in the Buyer's guide for Holiday gift cool is that? I think it freaking ROCKS! And I think we are going to be in the January issue of VTwin magazine...I think. These guys don't tell you when your going to in them you just kind of show up. I knew we were going to be in a issue of American Bagger but I didn't know we were in it till a customer called to schedule and said he read about us in the magazine so I started looking for the issue and finally got a copy this past Friday.

I am sure I will say this again as I have in the past, thanks to all who have made MCC a success. I have been approached many times in the past about advertising and the cost is unbelievable but the best advertising we have ever gotten is the word of mouth advertising our customers give us. Thank you all for making MCC what it is.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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