November 9, 2008

on Sunday, 09 November 2008.

Where is this year going? Man time is flying by and the next riding season will be upon us quickly. I am looking at the dates for next years rallies and trying to figure out if we are going to go to any of them. The biggest factor that I am looking at is the cost of setting up at these events. I already have a few on the list that I feel pretty confident we will be at but none of the major ones yet. We were almost ready to commit to this past Myrtle Beach Fall Rally when the Myrtle Beach city council decided to raise permit cost and install a bunch of crazy laws against bikers and that tells me they don't want our money so I am having a hard time on committing to any thing in Myrtle Beach. Just to give you a brief glimpse at the cost involved in setting up in Myrtle Beach. If were to setup at the Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson dealership it would cost us $5400 plus $800 in permits. This would be the ideal location because everybody goes to the dealership. The other location I have looked at is Colonial mall and the cost there is $3400 plus the $800 for the city permits. So we would be looking at either $6200 or $4200 to setup and folks we will have to work our asses off to pay for those spots. Also, those do not include fuel to and from the event or a place to rest our heads at night and we all know the hotels jack the prices up big time for the rallies so that would probably be another $1500-2500 for that. And if we would go and set up there are no guarantees that we will even break even and I am not a big gambler so I doubt seriously if we will make any of the big events because Sturgis is even higher as well as Daytona. But if there is anyway we can financially make one or all we certainly will do what we can.

I have mentioned the past week or two that this is our slow time of the year. November is usually the slowest but we are staying pretty busy this year and the phone has really been ringing the past couple of weeks with people scheduling which has really been surprising but good. We are already booking slots in January right now but we do have a few spots open in the later weeks of November and in December.

I do want to give a shout out to the local shops that have been spreading the word about us. J.E.'s Honda Motorcycles has sent us a lot of business this past year, and Blue Ridge Harley Davidson has sent us a good amount of work. It surprises me that any dealership would do this but we are thankful these guys have such high regard about our work. There are also some other dealerships that aren't local and unfortunately I cannot remember these dealerships names off hand.

I am going to add a links page and it should be up in the next few weeks. We have a lot of different websites that link to us and I really need to return the favor to these guys and gals.

Last but certainly not least. THANK YOU to all our previous customers for spreading the word. Without you guys and gals doing this Mean City Cycles wouldn't be where it is today and everybody is spreading the word. It seems everyone who is scheduling says we have read about you here or there or a previous customer of yours rides with me and he told me to call to get my seat done. So I want to thank everyone for spreading the word.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.


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