December 15, 2010

on Tuesday, 21 December 2010.

Another busy week this week and just as in previous years things are ramping up for the upcoming 2011 riding season. The bad thing is we still have what looks like a messy winter to get through. We have already had two snows this year and they are calling for snow starting tonight and carrying over into Thursday. I hope it doesn't but the way this year has gone I feel pretty confident we are going to have a mess just so it throws our schedule off.

We have been working hard on our new ATV and motocross seat modifications. We are developing these with the hard core racer in mind but what is really cool is it is going to give the avid weekend rider a seat that they will never need to replace. I am really excited these new modifications and I don't really think there is anybody else offering what we are going to be offering this group of riders. We have worked on ATV and motocross seats in the past but we are putting a lot of thought in these modifications and have several racers who are going to be running our seats in 2011 so we will be getting feedback weekly from them on what we need to do to improve the seats for them and that will carry right over to the modifications we offer. This will really be a win/win because we will learn more about how our modifications work in extreme conditions taking brutal punishment and what we need to do to prevent this from happening. Knowing this will not only help us on these seats but also our street bike seats, I don't know why we haven't gotten into this before now.

We have ramped up our daily schedule a little to try and keep us at two weeks out since orders have started increasing. We got over two weeks a couple weeks ago but made adjustments and now we are right at two weeks out again, I don't like going over that but once we hit the peak season then there isn't anything we can do to keep there because we just have too many seats coming in and we would be working 24 hours a day and still lose ground. Right now is the prime time to schedule if you want to get your seat done. It's kind of funny because November and December we get around 20-30 phone calls a day and usually schedule 3-5 seats then in January we will get about the same number and we'll have 20-30 people schedule then the guys who called back in November and December will call and want to schedule and we will be booking April or May and they will tell us they are going to Daytona and need the seat done before then and the only option then is to use the Express service where if they would have scheduled when they called they would have their seat back already and would be ready to ride, it happens every year. Don't wait guys now is the time.

This will be the last update till after Christmas, our web guy is going to be gone next week and won't be back till after Christmas so I just want to tell everybody to have Merry Christmas and please be safe in your travels.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.



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