Passenger Seat Modifications

Why have your seat modified?
Well, it's plain and simple. The stock seats suck! What we do is remove the cover off the seat and re-shape the foam to be more comfortable. The motorcycle manufacturers use allot of foam in there but their design lacks comfort for a long ride. Most people say they can ride about 30-40 min's before they start getting butt burn. Re-shaping the seat foam will help improve this greatly.

After market seat modifications
We do offer modifications to some after market seats.  To see if we can help you on your after market seat and to get pricing email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The following modifications are for the passenger seat only and DO NOT include any driver's seat modifications this includes one piece two up seats.. 

Driver's seat modifications are listed here

* Plus return shipping

Passenger's Back Rest - $60

This modification changes the foam in the Passenger's Back Rest to a special blend of memory foam and gel type material; it forms to the passengers back and gives great support.

  • NOTE this modifications are for standard backrest and not tourpak backrest like the ones used on Harley Davidson Electra/Ultra Glide or Goldwings. We are still working on the modifications to improve these and should have them available soon.

* Plus return shipping

Passenger Seat Mod - $105

This is the modification I've been thinking on and working on for about the past year. First we remove about 1/2" of the stock foam and then add 2" of memory foam in its place. The memory foam compresses down but leaves a nice form fitting seat that shapes to the passenger's butt and really helps with the butt burn. Pictured is a passenger seat but the same modification can be made to the one piece two up seats also.

  • NOTE - if shipped with riders seat shipping is combined to save cost.

* Plus return shipping

Double Decker Passenger - $125

This new modification is the same for the passenger seat as the driver seat Double Decker. Really makes the seat very comfortable for the long hauls and fills like riding on a cushion but keeps the stock appearance.

  • NOTE - if shipped with riders seat shipping is combined to save cost.

* Plus return shipping

**IMPROVED** Wide Single Passenger - $135

This modification is very similar to our wide double decker modification but
instead of two layers we use one layer.  For some of the lighter weight
riders we have found that the wide double decker is a little over kill and
have developed this modification to be very cost effective.

  • NOTE - if shipped with riders seat shipping is combined to save cost.

* Plus return shipping

Wide Double Decker Passenger - $165

This modification is similar to the Double Decker but we make the seat one and half to two inches wider by adding on to the sides of the seat. To get the full extent of the width added to the seats we are now adding material to the covers to let the rider get the full benefit of the added width. Best of all we are not changing the price of this modification even though we are increasing the value of it what more can you ask for?

  • NOTE - if shipped with riders seat shipping is combined to save cost.

* Plus return shipping

**IMPROVED** Comfort Rider Plus Passenger - $200

This is what you want to make momma happy because we all know if momma ain't happy nobody is happy. We start off by reshaping the passenger seat to disperse weight better then we make the passenger 4 to 5 inches wider than stock across the sitting area. We install a Comfort Cruizer pads in the seat and top that off with a layer of our 2" memory foam then we put a new fitted cover over it all to seal the deal.

  • NOTE - This modification is for two piece seats only right now. If shipped with riders seat shipping is combined to save cost.


How to Schedule your Seat
We schedule all of our work, by doing so this makes our turn around time over night.
Please DO NOT send your seat without scheduling it first.

Click HERE to Schedule Your Seat Today >>>.


Express Service $100 + cost of modification

With the new Express service we will work your seat in as soon as it arrives and ship it back the next day. We will work overtime (after normal business hours) on these seats and have priced this service accordingly. You must  call to take advantage of this service. $50 deposit non-refundable is required.

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