January 23, 2010

Another busy week behind us and we are rolling along pretty good right now. When we started scheduling this was for two reasons. The first one was to cut down turnaround time. The second was to help control the number of seats we have in house better. Your seat has to be at the shop the day prior to its scheduled date then the next day it is completed and shipped back. So far this has been working really well but we are still having a few people sending the seats in un-scheduled. It hasn't been a big issue yet but what we do on these seats is put them on whatever day we are scheduling when the seat arrives. For example say we get a seat in today(1/23/2010)and we are scheduling Feb 23rd then we would put that seat on that date to be done. Right now with the cold weather it isn't a issue for most people really but as we start getting into the warmer months this will become an issue so I always recommend scheduling this way you get to keep your seat longer to ride on and the seat will only be at the shop overnight as long as it is here the day before. I am trying to make this as easy as possible for both you and us.

I have sent in the rallies dates to be posted to our web guy(Ron)and he should be updating the upcoming rally dates soon. I did get some bad news from one of the rallies. We will not get our same location for Thunder Beach this year which really sucks because I liked that location and it worked really well for us. I am in talks with them now trying to land a good spot for the rally but it is looking like they want to put us out at Frank Brown Park and if that happens then we will not be going to this rally. Frank Brown Park is nice but it is a grassy field and while Panama Beach generally has good weather if it would rain then nobody is going to go there as to where we have been setup was a paved lot and bikers don't have a problem riding on wet pavement, they won't touch wet grass. I will keep you posted, I am very optimistic though and feel sure we will come to an agreement.

We have been doing some pretty cool new covers with different color combinations and I will be sure to get these pictures posted soon and I am also working on some new stitching designs also. Currently we are only offering two versions of flames, traditional and tribal in various colors.

It is hard to believe that January is almost over already. Seems like we were just coming back in from Christmas but as they say time fly's when you are having fun so I guess we have been having fun.

I have started tweeting and have created a Facebook page for MCC. If you want to follow us on Twitter just go to and if you have a Facebook page you can become a fan of ours, simply search Mean City Cycles. I have already uploaded a lot of pictures and have a lot more to do and have been tweeting our daily progress on seats. I am thinking about getting a little more detailed on the tweeting but I just need to figure out what type of format to use.

That's going to wrap up this update, this coming week is going to be another busy week.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.

January 16, 2010

2010 has started out really busy for us. We are almost a month out on scheduling and by the end of next week we most likely will be but we will make some changes so we don't get too far out. By the end of February we will have a real good picture as to how things are going to be this year but so far so good.

There isn't really anything new going on right now. We are just working on seats, answering emails and phone calls which the phone calls are really picking up and the emails are coming in spurts. One quick note about emails. If you send us a email with a question we will reply and it is usually within 8 hours, most of the time its less than a hour so if you do not have not received a reply within 12 hours from us you need to check your spam folder because we reply to every email. I have had several guys call in and say they sent a email and never received a reply but when they checked their spam folders they found our reply.

I am still getting asked, Are you going to Daytona? I don't know. I have been trying to find a location and am going to email a couple places today to see what their rates are but until I can find something reasonable I doubt we will be there honestly. If any of you guys know someone who has a 20 ft x 30 ft spot somewhere that gets good traffic in the Daytona area let me know or have them email or call me. Do I want to go? Yes, but as I have stated in the past I am not going down there and working my butt off for 10 days to just hope to break even. Most places I have heard from want anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 for a spot and that is just crazy.

We still need to get some recent pictures of the new shop posted on the site. We are settled in pretty good and the location is working out good for us also. It has surprised me how many motorcycles ride by the shop each day but that has been somewhat off the past few weeks with the weather being as cold as it has been but we were able to get our bikes out the past couple of days and enjoy some low 50 degree riding. It was nice to be back on two wheels again.

Well that's going to do it for this update. As usual be safe, stay warm and enjoy the ride.

January 5, 2010

This year has started off with a big bang. December is sort of our kick off month for the new season because that is when orders start picking up again and again this year that holds true. January is usually a pretty good scheduling month and so far this is being one of the best January's to date. We have already filled one week in just two days, looks like this may be a busy year if the scheduling follows its normal pattern and we certainly need business to be good.

I am still getting a lot of calls and emails asking about if we are going to be in Daytona this spring. It is looking doubtful seriously. Like I have mentioned in the past, the cost of setting up there is outrageous and I just don't want to get into a situation to where I am working my butt off to break even, that isn't worth it to me. I will say however that I had the same experience when trying to find a spot for Sturgis and luckily found a great location at a decent amount so I won't rule Daytona out yet but it is looking very doubtful. I want to go so hopefully I can get something worked out. I have found a accommodations that are reasonable but not a location just yet.

While I am talking about the events I am about 80% sure we will be at Thunder Beach this spring. Then we will have a month off before the event which will be in Lincolnton NC for the Hog Happenin then the next month we are off to Sturgis again. I just signed a 5 year contract with our lot owner so that will put us there for the 70th Annual and the big 75th Annual rallies plus the 4 in between. I am really excited about going back to Sturgis again but I will say I am dreading the drive there. It took us 28 hours last year to get to Rapid City which is where we spent the night Sunday then rode into Sturgis Monday morning and started setting up. This year should be smoother and I have worked it out with the lot manager so we do not have to get there a week early to set up. I have also added some new things to the hauler that makes it easier to move around by hand. Then after the Sturgis rally we will be heading back to Panama Beach to cap off the year. There are some other shows and events that I have not mentioned that are in the negotiating stages and as soon as everything is finalized for each event we will post it on the site in the Events section.

I am going to call it a wrap for this week's up date. Talking about the rallies and such I just realized I need to send this information to Ron so he can get it posted on the site. So till next time be safe and enjoy the ride.('s cold too)


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Stitching looks fantastic
just wanted to say thanks for the great job on my seat,, the flamed stitching looks fantastic,, the guys at work thought the job you did looked awesome,,, and the time promised was right on,,, than...
Gary Weatherford