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I had trouble planting my feet at stops with my Road King (Ok, I'm short). So I spent $1600 and installed Legend's air suspension. A good product and does allow me to drop it way down which is great for pushing back. But I still had trouble planting my feet with the suspension pumped up. I met a guy who had Mean City alter his seat and I liked it so I called Mean City. They are great people, patient and informative, never leaving me with a feeling of being rushed or lied to. So I opted for mods to the driver's seat (Super Narrow with memory foam) and the passenger seat (Passenger Seat Mod with the tail bone relief). I also had the passenger back rest modified with memory foam. We've had the seat back now for a couple of months and WOW!! What a difference. Not only are both seat super comfortable but I easily plant my feet on the pavement now. If I had done this first I most likely would not have bought the Legends. I also had some custom work done on the back rest. My HD Premium Rolling Touring Bag wore a hole through the leather on the back of the back rest where there is a metal bar on the inside. Under warrenty so they replaced it but I was afraid to put the bag on again. Mean City put some padding between the leather and the inside bar. I've used the travel bag since with no damage. I highly recommend them for any mods you may be considering.
Ron - CT. — 2014 Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King
After 65K on the seats they needed to be recovered. Sent then to Mean City Cycles. After getting them back I could not be more pleased with the look and feel of them. Many thanks for the beautiful job that you have done. Tom
Tom Riddle — 2006 Honda VTX1300R
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I have a reach seat for my bike. My riding position is fine with this seat, just a little hard on day two or three. I have my seat back, and this is what I know so far... The plain black leather covering I requested for my seat, back rest, and tour pak back rest are beautiful. The seams follow the factory pattern, it looks perfect (only now it's leather). The riding position did not change with the double decker memory foam installation. I took a 150 mile test ride, and it was comfortable. The true test will be on a multi-day, several hundred mile trip. The coordination of my scheduled day for the work was flawless and it was shipped back that same day. All the folks I interacted with, first in EMAIL and then over the phone were helpful and nice. I'll know for sure what I have after a long ride, but I'm very pleased with every aspect of this transaction to date.
Mike Texas — 2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam and Leather
I had two seats modified to get me a little close to the ground. The difference is unbelievable. They also installed memory foam in both seats and completely transformed one seat by covering it in gator. The work was done quickly and with quality. I'll be passing the word to all my rider friends.
Dennis Livingston — 08 Street Glide

My stock covers had torn and leaked water (Wet Butt). Allen made me a set of replacement covers, to my color spec, from a thicker marine material with all seams sealed. The additional padding makes the seats firmer and much better. I'll glad I went this route and not with replacement containment seats that would have cost me over $800. Great fit and looks.

Steven Biles — 09 Polaris Rzr
Modification: Custom Covers
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Rode 50 miles to break it in a little, then pounded 300 miles of mountain highways thru the sierras. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you guys, and kudos to whoever did the work on my seat.