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I bought an aftermarket seat sight unseen and it fit me horribly. I was tippy toe at stops and it made me sit way too high. I felt I had wasted $400 but Lori and Allen took care of this fitment problem! I now flat foot at stop and feel like I sit in the bike and not on it. I ride in comfort and feel great about this seat now. This is the second seat they have done for me and I continue to be impressed with the good workmanship they all do at MCC.
Morrey Thomas — 07 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: Super narrow, tailbone relief, impact gel/mem foam
My OEM seat became uncomfortable quickly, and even on short hour long rides, I was anxious to get off my bike and stretch. In an effort to correct this discomfort, I bought an aftermarket Mustang seat on the recommendation of a friend. The seat was totally wrong for me and positioned me too high to reach the ground among other things. Now I had two issues..a stock seat that fit but was uncomfortable, now an expensive aftermarket seat that didn't fit properly. What I should have done before this experimenting was to call Allen and Lori at MCC. After communication with them, they guided me to the proper fitment that would work for my body size and frame dimensions. Of course they are very busy and my schedule date would be after Harley Week in Myrtle Beach which is a big deal for me yearly. I opted for the express service, sent my seat off on a Monday, and got it back on a Thursday. That was impressive! Even more impressive is the way my "new" OEM seat feels and rides. I have taken two test rides so far, one for an hour and the next right at two hours. I am totally comfortable in this seat now and can easily ride for three hours w/o a break. I think six hour riding days are now possible, maybe even more if need be. In summary, I spent a lot of uncomfortable miles before realizing I could actually ride in comfort with an inexpensive fix. Forget the aftermarket seats that may or may not work. Go for the sure fire fix and call MCC. I am glad I finally did!!
Morrey — 07 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: Memory Foam, Impact Gel, Tailbone Relief Channel
Put about 200 miles on the new Hog. Get off of 40 to 50 mile runs with numbutt. My rider too!! Mailed the seat to Mean City Folks, Got it back. Looks factory. Rode it about 2 runs 150 miles. No numbutt.The rider seat took longer to break in than mine. Rider only weighs 140 lbs. But She is happy now.. Don't ride another mile get it done.. Good people to deal with.
Modification: impact gel w/ Memory Foam
It wasn't possible to ride this bike with the stock seat for more than 45 minutes under the best of conditions. Had the gel pad and memory foam modification done, received the seat in time to ride this weekend. Spent solid 3 hours on the seat yesterday and did not need to stop. Spent another 2 hours on it today, it's really fantastic. If you own an LT I'd recommend this mod highly. I'm 6' and 285 pounds, this is an all day ride after Mean City worked their magic.
Mike in Hoodcounty Tx — BMW
Modification: Impact Gel with memory foam
This is a great company to deal with. Their customer service is outstanding to say the least and their workmanship is unrivaled. I made an appointment date for my seat and shipped it down to arrive a in time to have the work done. They called me at 8am the morning of my appt. to inform me that my seat was completed and that is was shipping out later that day. 2 days later it was on my door step when I got home. I have put about 600 miles on this seat already and have noticed a huge difference right from the minute I put it on. The only way it can be described, is you don't realize the difference until you have ridden for over 2 hours and then it occurs to you that your rear does not hurt and you haven't been shifting around to keep comfortable.
Rich, From Central Pa. — 2011 HD Fatboy
Modification: Impact Gel with Memory foam

Allen, Seat came today and it is another work of art! Fast is not an adequate word for your turn around service in the mail either! Quicker than an electric cat! I will be sending more business your way!
PS. See you next year in Sturgis

Dennis Fultz — HD Fatboy
Modification: Impact Gel w/memory foam

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the great job you did on my seat. It's exactly what I wanted. I took it for a two-hour ride yesterday and the difference was amazing. No more butt burn and very comfortable. I tried out the heated seat, but I guess because it was so hot outside, I couldn't tell if it was working or not. I guess I will have to wait until in cools down to see if it still heats. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the job you did and the quick turnaround. If I'm ever asked, I will highly recommend Mean City Cycles to anyone who needs a seat modification.

Bill Morris — 07 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Ultra Glide
Modification: Memory Foam and Cover
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Did a lot of research on line, and I didn't want to spend lots of money on a suspension that is not necessary. With lots of good advice, I had you modify my Sundowner seat, and holy crap, I gained th...
Mike R.