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I had trouble planting my feet at stops with my Road King (Ok, I'm short). So I spent $1600 and installed Legend's air suspension. A good product and does allow me to drop it way down which is great for pushing back. But I still had trouble planting my feet with the suspension pumped up. I met a guy who had Mean City alter his seat and I liked it so I called Mean City. They are great people, patient and informative, never leaving me with a feeling of being rushed or lied to. So I opted for mods to the driver's seat (Super Narrow with memory foam) and the passenger seat (Passenger Seat Mod with the tail bone relief). I also had the passenger back rest modified with memory foam. We've had the seat back now for a couple of months and WOW!! What a difference. Not only are both seat super comfortable but I easily plant my feet on the pavement now. If I had done this first I most likely would not have bought the Legends. I also had some custom work done on the back rest. My HD Premium Rolling Touring Bag wore a hole through the leather on the back of the back rest where there is a metal bar on the inside. Under warrenty so they replaced it but I was afraid to put the bag on again. Mean City put some padding between the leather and the inside bar. I've used the travel bag since with no damage. I highly recommend them for any mods you may be considering.
Ron - CT. — 2014 Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King
I purchased Bagger Bags and using custom parts from
Guest —
My wife couldn't go more than 20 miles on my 1100 Classic without needing to get off for a rest. Then after the next 20 she was getting numb! The ride ended then. So I ordered a Comfort Rider Plus from Mean City Cycles and hoped for the best. I was amazed at the quality of construction! Then I put it on the bike and my wife on the seat and away we went. 63 miles and 1.5 hrs later we were back home. She loves it! Not numb or painful and she went 50 miles before she felt like she needed to fidget. That was mostly because of her hip and the foot pegs. Not her bottom. I hope to get mine redone for Christmas! With a heater in it! I highly recommend Mean City Cycles. Truly a custom made to fit sit! MONEY WELL SPENT!
Chaplain KC — \'03 1100 VStar Classic Silverado
Modification: Passenger Mod

What a seat, if anyone knows how an old Sportster rides you wan't believe it now. I can now ride longer that before and not feel every bump, my wife even likes it. The modification really helped this old rider, wouldn't have it any other way, thanks guys. Bill Yount Sherrills Ford,NC

Bill Yount — 87 HD portster
Modification: Memory Foam and Comfort Rider

I've had my seat back for a while now, and the difference in the ride is GREAT! I am able to ride four times as long as I was before thanks to the seat modification that Mean City Cycles did. Your company's turn around time is only took you guys a week, and that is from the time I mailed it from home!! I live in Southern California, and there isn't a company around that even offers seat modification, so I was very relieved when I found you guys online. I have already told several of our riding friends about your company, and will continue to do so every chance I get. Hope it gets you all some more business, because you do a fantastic job. My thanks to you for making the ride even more enjoyable...Momma is DEFINITELY HAPPY!!

Becky F. — 2007 Yamaha V-Star Classic 1100
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus Passenger Pillion

Brent, Great job on the seat! My wife says she can't believe the difference and there is just no comparision to the stock seat. Now she wants to go all the time. I would recommend your work to anyone looking for a better ride. Thank you very much! Mike & Tina Caputo

Mike Caputo — Triumph America
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus and Passenger Pillion

You are something else. This seat is awesome. Will get installed today and send pictures. All I can say is it must stink in your office cause you are the sh@t....

Bo B. — 08 Electra Glide
Modification: Memory Foam and Cover

Talk about great customer service and a great product. For half the cost of those other guys, I got a seat that actually fits me just right. Being a shorter rider is a challenge, and these guys knew just what to do. Thanks guys, Im recommending y'all to every one I know :)

Chris Cluck — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
Modification: Comfort Rider

Hey Goldwingers, if you have a seat that causes you aches and pains and digs into the back of your legs when you put your feet down, Allen and Brent can make that all go away at a fraction of the price you'd pay for a new seat. They recontoured, removed stock foam and added memory foam to make my seat a riding pleasure even on my ten hour riding days.

Ted MacMillan — Honda 2005 Goldwing
Modification: Comfort Rider

Sat on my spare stock seat, trying to remember the feel, then put on my MCC seat mod and loved it! I put the spare stock back on and it felt like I was sitting on a rock! I asked to be lowered an inch and moved back 2 inches and it was perfect! I feel like I am sitting in the bike and not on it! Great job, fast turn around , got the seat a day after they finished it! Thanks for a job well done, all around!!

Steve Britton — 1800 VTX
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus

Thank you so much for the excellent work you did on my seat! Both feet are now flat on the ground and my back-side has never been happier. I feel like I'm sitting in the seat not on it. Outstanding customer service, quick turn-around, and a reasonable one does it better. I'm telling everyone I know with a bike.

Rich Rozwalka — 2007 Harley Heritage
Modification: Comfort Rider

Talk about great customer service and a great product. For half the cost of those other guys, I got a seat that actually fits me just right. Being a shorter rider is a challenge, and these guys knew just what to do. Thanks guys, Im recommending y'all to every one I know :)

Chris Cluck — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
Modification: Comfort Rider

The Mustang aftermarket seat is a great improvement over the stock seat. But the wife still could not ride for very long with it. Even though the seat looks NO different after the modification, there is a big improvement in the seat. The Comfort Rider modification on the Mustang passenger seat is a noticable improvement. We had to stop about every 40 miles before the modification. Our first stop was at 100 miles after the modification on the first trip taken. She is so happy with it that I am going to have the drivers seat modified also. My only regret is that I did not hear about MCC until after I bought the aftermarket seat. I hear that they can do wonders with the Stock seat.

Keith McGowe — Honda VTX 1800F
Modification: Mustang seats

You have taken the tailbone pain out of the bike ride for my wife. She is delighted with the seat, there is no longer the fidgeting for th right spot, and the sharp ice pick like pain is no longer there when it is time to get off the bike. Your workmanship is awesome! I might have to get the drivers seat done soon, as the spouse can now tolerate loner bike rides! we clocked in a little over 150 miles Sunday afternoon, and she was fine no pain. Tired but she had never been able to ride over 50-60 miles before the pain became excruciating. Thank you for a neat precise proffesional job.

Leo and Debbie Suhre — Honda VTX 1800 Retro
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus Passenger pillion
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