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I had my seat redone by Mean City Cycles in October 2014. I have not left feedback until now, December 2014. At first, I wasn’t impressed with the way the seat had been redone. I decided to give it some break in time. The feel is not as soft as I was expecting. Maybe I was expecting too much. Now that I have ridden on it for a few months, I like the way it feels. I sit back farther and lower. Before, I always felt as if I was being pushed toward the tank. That feeling has gone away. I think I expected it to be more “cushy” feeling. Service was great as expected. Everything was coordinated very well. Lori was very helpful the two times I spoke with her. I would recommend MCC for seat modification.
Dallas C. Miller (nascarpop) — 2003 Honda VTX 1800C
Modification: Double decker Memory Foam
I got this bike and thought everything was great.... Then after a good ride of 210 miles, PROBLEMS. The seat shape and foam put too much pressure in only a few places (the wrong places) I spoke to Lori and set the date to have the work done. Fast turn around and what a great feel the seat has now. I have put close to 700 miles on this seat and I love it!!
John Palm Harbor FL — 2013 C90 BOSS
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Had my ride-in appointment with them yesterday and it was a great experience. I had the Double Decker Memory Foam mod with Luxury Seat Heater for $325. I kept the stock height, had Allen build up the backrest part of the seat to provide a better fit for my back, mimicking the mother wing seat. I rode 220 miles home and no monkey butt. I must say their work equals any of the Mustangs, Corbin's, and the Ultimates I have used in the past. The stock wasn't all that bad (for a stock seat) but I am very pleased with Mean City. Laurie and Allen were great. Allen came out and made sure I had made the correct connections on the seat heater. I highly recommend their services.
Don Bowery — Honda F6B
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam w/Deluxe Seat Heater
I purchased a 2013 Victory hammer and I loved the bike but the seat was not for cruising. I searched around for options and then a guy told me about Mean City Cycles. Once I realized they were in NC that made it even better. I called them up and they told me the double decker memory foam would be the way to go and it didn't disappoint. This seat performs great and if anyone that isn't satisfied with there stock seat should give mean city a try. I love the seat and should have done it sooner. I have told my brother about it and now he is about to have his seat done. Thanks for the great customer service!!!
Jory — 2013 Victory Hammer 8 ball
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I had both seats done over winter, and waited until I had at least 1,000 miles on the bike this Spring before commenting. In a word..."fantastic." Both seats have broken in nicely after having the double decker memory foam installed. Did a 200 mile ride yesterday (06/29/14) and neither of us had to use our auxillary gel seats throughout the ride. Great seat modifications for about $300.00!
Joe T. — 2003 Vulcan Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Due to many years of jumping out of planes in the Army I had an operation 28 Oct 2013 to remove the bottom 3 bones of my tailbone. In the last 10 years of riding I was lucky to make 60 miles without having to stop and walk off the tailbone pain. I contacted Allen and we exchanged several emails along with my reading many testimonials and we decided that what I needed was the double memory foam seat with the tailbone relief channel. On 13 May I rode my trike to Mean City cycles which was about 184 miles which I did with three stops. I had an appointment for 1:00. I arrived at 1:00, removed the seat from my trike and handed it to Allen. Lori told us of a great resturant within walking distance that my buddy and I went for a long lunch. About 1 1/2 hours later we walked back to the shop and my seat was ready. We took off for home by a diffirent route which was about 200 miles on an already sore butt and I actually felt better when I got home than I did when I reached Allens shop. Two weeks later we rode to Rolling Thunder from Fayetteville, NC and back only stopping twice both ways. One of the legs was 145 miles and when I stopped everyone was ready. I highly recommend anyone looking for seat mods send it to Allen at Mean City Cycles. They are a great company who provides a quality product and does exactly what they say they will do. Thank you Allen and Lori!!!
Steve T — 2012 Harley Tri Glide
Modification: Double memory foam with tailbone relief channel
had my seat for a year before I did a 8k cross country trip with it. 100% happy with the comfort during that trip but it was until recently that I really appreciated how nice it was. This past weekend I had to do a 900 mile day to avoid SEVERE weather and much to my surprise I did not have a single ounce of discomfort. My behind was just as comfortable when I got home as it was when I left.
DMize — 2010 FLTRS
Modification: RoadGlide Custom
I was concerned I was not going to like my new bike. The seat modification moved me up and back. I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds and the low profile seat on my street glide was very uncomfortable. Now my legs are straighter and it makes the bike handle like it should.
Ron Watson — 2014 Harley
Modification: StreetGlide
I have a reach seat for my bike. My riding position is fine with this seat, just a little hard on day two or three. I have my seat back, and this is what I know so far... The plain black leather covering I requested for my seat, back rest, and tour pak back rest are beautiful. The seams follow the factory pattern, it looks perfect (only now it's leather). The riding position did not change with the double decker memory foam installation. I took a 150 mile test ride, and it was comfortable. The true test will be on a multi-day, several hundred mile trip. The coordination of my scheduled day for the work was flawless and it was shipped back that same day. All the folks I interacted with, first in EMAIL and then over the phone were helpful and nice. I'll know for sure what I have after a long ride, but I'm very pleased with every aspect of this transaction to date.
Mike Texas — 2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam and Leather
Had my seat worked a few weeks ago and a few short rides had me impressed. The torture test was this past day and a half..790 miles [all interstate]in a day and a half to Nashville Tenn and back. I feel as though I rode 100 miles. Hats off to these guys..this is THE place for seat modification.
Ron Mullins — 2008 Suzuki Blvd M50
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I called in to see which mod would best suit my need. I decided to drop my seat off on Monday and was told it would be ready by Thursday. It was done exactly when promised and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. I had the Double decker memory foam mod done and lowered 1 inch and moved back 1 inch. I rode this morning to work for the first time and can tell the difference. I am 6'2 and the stock windshield does little to nothing at blocking the wind in my face. I feel like I am part of the bike now and the wind is much less aggressive. Great service and knowledgable staff. Thanks MCC!
Steve Pendleton — 2014 Street Glide
Modification: Double decker mod
While I loved the stock position and color of my stock seat on my fatboy lo, my tailbone was killing me. I had the double decker mod done on my seat and the double decker plus widening on the passenger pillion. Now I can ride for hours with no pain at all. Also super customer service at mean city. Thanks again y'all.
Izzy Landau — 2013 fatboy lo (anniversary edition)
Modification: Double decker memory foam
Had stock seat modified to lower me 1.5 inches and move me back 1 inch in addition to the double decker memory foam. Broke in the seat by taking a 1500 mile ride with no butt burn or numbness. Passenger extremely happy with the double layer of memory foam. Excellent customer service. Outstanding workmanship.
Bruce N. — 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Rode up from Gastonia NC to get my seat mod. As soon as I got there they got started right away. I have to say that everyone I encountered while there were as nice as could be. It had rained while I waited so they came out and wiped my bike down with a towel without me even asking. As for the seat well there reputation speaks for itself. Loved it. Don't waste your money on a aftermarket seat. MCC is the way to go!!
Josh Dunn — Kawasaki VN900 Classic
Modification: Double Decker
Job well done. I received my seat back when I was told I would. Lauri handled my calls graciously and patiently. Lowered seat by 2 inches. Went with the memory foam both driver and passenger. Now my feet are flat on the ground and left calf is not pressing against crankcase. Plus comfort has improved ten fold. Thanks again for improving my ride.
Greg P...Sunny Isles Beach, FL — 2012 Electra Glide Classic
Modification: Super Narrow
havehad seat back for month or so now did a fourhundred mile trip was able to finish without any mayjor problems still could use so padding at edge front of seat inner thighs but major improve ment over stock am satisfied with seat mod for now excellent craftsman ship stilllooks stock thankyou.
Guest — kawi zzr1200
Modification: driver
I purchased an HD Badlander seat for the low profile look. It was a great seat, but I could only stay in it for about two hours at a time. I contacted Allen and he guaranteed that if I sent him the seat he would take care of the rest and I would be 100% satisfied. It was really an act of blind faith on my part. I am fanatical about my bike and it can be exhausting for anyone to deal with me. So, for me to send out my seat and have someone change it without me being present or involved was really out of my comfort zone. I did it anyway; mainly because of his impeccable reputation. But also because Allen was patient, professional and courteous when dealing with me. Fast forward: I got the seat back in a few days. It looked great. More importantly, it felt great. My longest ride so far has been about four hours and I am AMAZED at the difference in comfort. It's a completely different seat to the point where I don't even think about it and just take it for granted now. After the thousands I've invested into my machine I can't believe this is the upgrade that has brought me the most riding enjoyment. MCC knows their stuff. And what's even better...they know our seats and how to get the most out of them. Thank you!
Charles Nicolacopoulos: Boston, MA — 2003 Harley Davidson FLSTF
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Wow, what a difference this mod makes from the stock seat! Just got back from a 150 mile ride after installing the seat, and the difference is like day and night; no burning butt, numb legs, etc. I felt like i could ride all day with the new seat. Can't say enough good things about the folks at Mean City, so helpful during the entire process.
Darrell Lassonde — 2004 Honda VTX 1300R
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
OUTSTANDING Company to deal with! Kevin, GREAT job on the seat! What a difference!! NO MORE BUTT BURN!! No more tailbone pain (injured tailbone in the Military-1974). I really appreciate a company that does exactly what they say and more. Kevin acted as though I was the only person that mattered, and took his time in making sure I got the correct MOD for my wife and I. Twice, we talked, just to make sure. He even steered me away from a much more expensive MOD, saying that I probably would be just as happy with the Memory Foam Mod. I actually ordered the Double Decker Mod, my choice, extra insurance for my butt, I thought! Because of my tailbone, he recommended a Tailbone Channel, which works GREAT. Put us down as VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Thank You!!
Bill Stevens, St. Louis, MO — 2006 Harley Heritage Classic Softail
Modification: Driver Seat; Double Decker Mod: Pax Seat; Wide Double Decker, Pax Back Rest & Luxury Seat Heater
Me and my '05 RKC just couldn't get comfortable. Allen lowered my riding area and pushed me back a bit and added the passenger special for the misses. The year I had the mod I did a coast to coast ride and completed it riding in complete comfort. You guys are a wizard! Thanks
CW4_131A — 2005 Road King Classic
Modification: Memory Foam and Wide DD Passenger
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The seat is wonderful Allen! I am 28 and have already had a back surgery. Before the modification I could not ride more than 35 minutes before I was in pain. After the modification is a different s...
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