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I recently had my seats rebuilt as well as my back rest. Best decision ever. I went back and forth as to whether or not I was going to but I finally did thank to the customer service and patients of the staff at MCC. My wife loves her new seat as do I. Thank Mean City.
Michael — 2007 Honda VTX1300R
Modification: Memory foam mod, Comfort rider plus mod, back rest mod.
I had trouble planting my feet at stops with my Road King (Ok, I'm short). So I spent $1600 and installed Legend's air suspension. A good product and does allow me to drop it way down which is great for pushing back. But I still had trouble planting my feet with the suspension pumped up. I met a guy who had Mean City alter his seat and I liked it so I called Mean City. They are great people, patient and informative, never leaving me with a feeling of being rushed or lied to. So I opted for mods to the driver's seat (Super Narrow with memory foam) and the passenger seat (Passenger Seat Mod with the tail bone relief). I also had the passenger back rest modified with memory foam. We've had the seat back now for a couple of months and WOW!! What a difference. Not only are both seat super comfortable but I easily plant my feet on the pavement now. If I had done this first I most likely would not have bought the Legends. I also had some custom work done on the back rest. My HD Premium Rolling Touring Bag wore a hole through the leather on the back of the back rest where there is a metal bar on the inside. Under warrenty so they replaced it but I was afraid to put the bag on again. Mean City put some padding between the leather and the inside bar. I've used the travel bag since with no damage. I highly recommend them for any mods you may be considering.
Ron - CT. — 2014 Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King
I honestly don't think I have ever had better customer service than with Mean City Cycles! They are kind, prompt and extremely knowledgeable. Every interaction has left a smile on my face. And the seat... WOW! Lori told me exactly what could be done with my factory seat (which by dimensions didn't seem like much) but I couldn't believe the difference when I took the first ride! It was lowered and narrowed so now I'm flat footed, it has me sitting "in" the seat instead of on top of it and the memory foam is an added bonus! If you've ever thought of having your seat modified, DO IT!
Jenny V — Harley Davidson Street Bob
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Great customer service and very responsive to my questions! Sent the seat in and turn around was extremely quick. I just got it back and put the seat on the bike. I haven't tried a trip yet but the seating position and comfort factor was obvious over the stock. Thanks guys!
Darrell — 2014 Ultra limited
Modification: Memory Foan
Had seat lowered and sides slightly taken in and its just what I was lookin for... Thanx MCC.
Doug M.
Cincinnati, OH — 2014 Harley Ultra Limited
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Never in my life had I ever dealt with a company whose sole focus was on the customer. From the moment I called until I received my seat back (on time)I was treated as though I was the only customer they had. Not only is Lori an expert in her field but she gave me the confidence to go ahead with the mod. The seat performs beautifully and the workmanship is above and beyond what I was expecting. Thank you all so very much for adding to my driving enjoyment MCC! I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a modification.
Brenda L. Frick — 2009 Yamaha V Star Classic 650
Modification: Memory Foam
Finding the perfect seat is not an easy task, with all the trends and brands and styles. Plus once you finally make the decision and spend your hard earned money, there's no guarantee you'll like it and 9 out of 10 times you can't return a 'used' seat. 5 minutes on the phone with Lori, we had a plan for what would work best for my body and desired seating position. At less than half the price of any quality seat I got the best improvement to my bike with the work done by MCC. I fit my bike so well now and the workmanship is second to none. Thank you to everyone at Mean City who worked on my seat and I will definitely be sending folks your way!
Ben White — 2015 HD Ultra Limited
Modification: Driver memory foam mod plus narrowed front
Got the seat back on time just as Lori said. Wanted to keep the stock seat as the brown leather strips on the side of the seat was particular to the anniversary edition. Had lowered the bike with rear shocks, but was still not quite enough. When I gave Lori my size and weight, she suggested the Super Narrow. Road the bike a couple of times for short breakfast runs and liked it. Just came back from a ride from NJ to Nashville, 2185 miles in 8 days, and can't say enough about how good the seat felt. No dead feeling in the butt. Can flat foot the bike with a little bend in the knees for more sure footing at stops. The seat looks great, too. Thanks to Mean City Cycles and Lori for their professional manner and workmanship. I definitely will spread the word.
Gerry Kennedy — 2013 HD Road King Anniversary
Modification: Super Narrow
After a few rides with the altered seat (the longest today - over 3 hours), I am really pleased. Before, the longest I could go was maybe an hour....Allen really took the time to explore various solutions and compromises; all I can say is what he ended up doing - worked. Allen and Lori, Thank you!!
Allen — 2014 Harley
Modification: Heritage
I've got to say that dealing with Mean City Cycles was one of the best experiences I've ever had from a customer service standpoint, they really know how to do it right! The scheduling is brilliant, it minimizes the time you are without a seat and the time lines they told me were right on the money! The seat mod are awesome! My wife is very happy with the memory foam in the passenger seat and the reshape and memory foam in mine is perfect! I loved the factory look of the deluxe seats and they look like they've never been touched, until you sit on them! Great job all around! I teach sales and business classes at a local college and I've already used their process as an example of how to treat customers the right way, they just get it!
Brian C. — Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe
Modification: Memory Foam Mod / Reshape Riders Seat
had the memory foam mod,boy what a difference suffered from butt burn on long rides before, had the mod done took it to daytona bike week which is about 400 mile roundtrip very satisfied with the modification.
arnold n lauderdale florida — yamaha roadliner
Modification: memory foam
I was so happy with Lori and the gang at Mean City Cycles. I work in customer service and know word of mouth makes or breaks companies. Lori called me, talked over the mods she felt would be best and set the appointment. They did everything and shipped it back and I got it the day after they shipped it. The seat I could barely ride 30-40mi on without having to stop is like a dream, I rode 40mi the first day and was grinning the entire time. THANK YOU MEANCITY CYCLES....U ROCK
Scott — VStar Classic
Modification: Memory Foam w/Tailbone Relief Mod
I was told about Mean City Cycles through a co-worker while we were having a discussion on my difficulty reaching the ground on my new ride. He mentioned that Mean City Cycles would assist me and get me fitted correctly. I just received my seat and I'm am completely blown away with the craftsmenship in redoing my seat. I gained just about 2 1/2 inches if not 3" and I love it. Thank you Mean City Cycles for all you did.
Guest — 2012 Ultra Limited
I can't tell you how happy I am with my new seat. The quality of the work is amazing. They lowered my ride height as advertised and also narrowed the thigh area. Great customer service. Perfect!!!
Dave Rockwell — Honda Valkyrie
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I suffered a lower back injury in the spring of 2012 which made it impossible for me to ride my Road King without pain. After trying several different seats without success, I decided to give you guys a shot. The turnaround time and service were great along with the end result. I have completed several 350 mile plus days on my MCC seat in complete comfort. Keep up the great work!
Harris Katzman — 2012 Road King
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
very happy, money well spent,like riding a different bike.
Guest — 09 road glide
Just received my seat and took it out for a 200+ mile ride. Looks and feels Excellent! I had my 2005 Road King stock solo seat lowered 1.5" and moved me up 1". I am sitting in the bike now and it is extremely comfortable. My daughter complained about her butt hurting after 20 minutes sitting on the pillion....I guess I know what needs to be sent out next! Outstanding work Mean City Cycles!
Aaron — 2007 Road King Police
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Everything went off without a hitch. The seat arrived back when it was supposed to and it is very comfortable. MCC is a top notch outfit & I have no problem recommending them to anyone looking to have seat work done. Keep up the good work guys.
Guest — 2009 FLHX
Modification: Memory Foam Mod.& Double Decker Passenger Memory Foam
I absolutely LOVE this mod! I was on a never-ending quest for the perfect seat. I wanted something to sit me lower, and farther away from the tank, but still be comfortable. After Mustang, Saddlemen, and Ultimate didn't fit the bill, I called Mean City. They advised me, based on my dimensions, and my desires, to do the memory foam mod. I told them I didn't mind spending the money for their most expensive mod if need be, and they told me based on my height/weight, it was not necessary. Didn't try to upsell anything not needed! I also had them fit a new piece of vinyl to the seat where i ripped it doing the "homboy" (a.k.a. "butt-cutt") mod to my seat. Excellent job, and I couldn't be happier with the seat!!!
Thomas — 2005 suzuki boulevard c50 (vl800)
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Just got my seat today. This seat is perfect. I could touch the ground before but now I am perfectly flat footed and the seat is really comfortable. Thanks again.
Brian Dotson — 2012 Street Glide
Modification: Super narrow
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HD Fatboy Double Decker Memory Foam - Love the Mod!
Got my seat back today from MCC - Took 1/2 day of vacation and put 120 miles on it. LOVE IT! Great job, super comfortable and know it will only get better with more miles. Thanks guys!
Steve Tolfa