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Did a lot of research on line, and I didn't want to spend lots of money on a suspension that is not necessary. With lots of good advice, I had you modify my Sundowner seat, and holy crap, I gained the couple of inches needed to reach the ground comfortably. Thanks for two things, not costing me an arm and a leg and secondly, providing me with a seat that is functional and comfortable. God Speed on your business and I wish you the best of luck. Happy USN Veteran!
Mike R. — 2014 FLHXS
Modification: Super Narrow
This is the third seat I have had MCC do. What can I say! They are PHENOMENAL to say the least! I am 5'10' with a 30' inseam. I was tippy toed on my Ultra. I am now not only flat footed, but my legs actually bend when stopped now! This is the BEST mod I have done to this bike, and this bike is done to the 10's! Even the Owner at my local Harley Dealer was blown away by the work, and 3 of the Sales guys asked for MCC's address and contact information! Laurie is such a pleasant outgoing individual! Allen's work is second to none! Once again they have passed my expectations! Professional, courteous, and an AWESOME job to boot. Thanks again MCC. I will ALWAYS continue to recommend your work!
Mike K. from Southern Ontario, Canada — 2014 Harley Davidson ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
I just want to say what a SUPER job Allen did on My BMW K1200LT. Because I'm vertically challenged, Allen brought the seat down and added a bit of Memory Foam to it. The seat is comfortable, no hot spots, and can go many miles more than I can sit. Thanks for doing a great job and I hope to send you some business in the near future. How can you beat the price??? Think about this when you start to look at the other options of HIGH price modifications. They are FAST and get the seat back to you in short order. Thanks, Bill Tache
Bill Tache — 2000 BMW K1200LT
Modification: Extreme Mod
I had the Extreme Mod performed on my stock FLHXI Touring seat and the results are phenomenal. I didn't get any gel pads or anything like that added, and yet, the seat feels wonderful. There are bumps in the road that I remember feeling before that I can't feel anymore. Mean City Cycles, you are definitely not going to get rest this winter, I have told over 50 people about this Mod and have had others test it out in person, and they are prepping to make appointments this winter. Good Job and Thanks a Million!!!
Derrick L. Stocks, Sea-Tac, WA — 2006 Harley FLHXI
Modification: Extreme Mod
The seat needed some adjustment to account for my short legs and I wanted to keep that Heritage stock look with the studs. These guys do great work and are very good people, and they can remodel any stock seat for a third of the price of say a Mustang (good seat), put a heater in it, and still be much more comfortable than said Mustang. Before you buy a new seat in these economic times, check these guys out.
Chris Creasman
Las Vegas, NV — HD
Modification: 2011 Heritage

Looks and feels great, gave my stock seat a lower, sexier look. No more hot spotting on my 4th point of contact on long rides. Great job guys!!

Brett Paul — V-Star 650 Custom
Modification: Extreme Modification
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Like many others, I did a lot of research on fixing a problem that was between me and my bike. I was a little short and had already bought a new seat to adjust for the size. The new seat was ok, but...