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I had trouble planting my feet at stops with my Road King (Ok, I'm short). So I spent $1600 and installed Legend's air suspension. A good product and does allow me to drop it way down which is great for pushing back. But I still had trouble planting my feet with the suspension pumped up. I met a guy who had Mean City alter his seat and I liked it so I called Mean City. They are great people, patient and informative, never leaving me with a feeling of being rushed or lied to. So I opted for mods to the driver's seat (Super Narrow with memory foam) and the passenger seat (Passenger Seat Mod with the tail bone relief). I also had the passenger back rest modified with memory foam. We've had the seat back now for a couple of months and WOW!! What a difference. Not only are both seat super comfortable but I easily plant my feet on the pavement now. If I had done this first I most likely would not have bought the Legends. I also had some custom work done on the back rest. My HD Premium Rolling Touring Bag wore a hole through the leather on the back of the back rest where there is a metal bar on the inside. Under warrenty so they replaced it but I was afraid to put the bag on again. Mean City put some padding between the leather and the inside bar. I've used the travel bag since with no damage. I highly recommend them for any mods you may be considering.
Ron - CT. — 2014 Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King
I have this modification done this past autumn. It is simply wonderful. My feet now reach the ground, and I am warm and toasty on cold days. This modification really extended my comfort range for driving in cold is well worth the money. The seat was returned to me on the day promise. An added plus his eye is that I didn't have a second seed in my garage when I was done with the Mod.
Robert Blum — 2015 Road Glide Special FLTRXS
Modification: Super Narrow plus driver heat
Had seat modified for a little over 2 months. Finally got to take a trip up in the hill country of Tx. Both my wife and I love our seat. Very comfortable and love their craftman ship. WE put over 600 miles on this past week end with no discomfort . I would like to thank you guys at Mean Cycles for the courtesy and quality work you guys do . Have had numerous comments on your work. Again thanks
Abby Lantier — 2014 Street Gluide Special
Modification: Super Narow
Doing business with these people was a very good exoerience. Skill of their matieral and knowledge on bikes. After sending my stock seat the MCC and getting it back in the time i was told was for one awesome. Installed my seat that day and went for a ride. Well just as I was told, no comparison on the comfort. I am very pleaseed with my seat and would recomend these people to anyone. I have had great compliments with people who have sat on the seat. I am 5'7" and weigh 165 with inseam of 28". I now reach the ground flat footed and have way more control at a stop. AGAIN thanks for your workmen ship
Abby Lantier — 2014 Street Gluide Special
Having the Super Narrow modification done to my stock 2012 Street Glide seat converted a good seat into a great all-day seat. The seat looks great and rides even better.
Jeff E. — 2012 Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
Lori in the front office is a gem and made the process so easy. Very efficient scheduling and hassle free. Per my request, my mod brought the road closer and moved me back in the saddle for my long legs. Great job MCC!
Kevin in Columbus — 2004 Harley Heritage Classic
Thank-you for the awesome seat modification. I am 5'2" and I have a Harley Street Glide. While it was a bit high, I was OK riding it, however the reach to the jiffy stand was very difficult. The Harley reach seats did not seem to help and I found them uncomfortable. Mean City Cycles was highly recommended on various forums for their seat mods so I gave it a shot. I could not be more pleased. I can now totally flat foot the bike and the reach to the jiffy stand is no longer a problem. The bonus is how comfy the seat is and I no longer slide back in the seat, making the handlebar reach much more comfortable. More short people should be aware of this option. Thank-you so much!
Brenda Lauzier — Harley Davidson Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
Looks great- most comfortable saddle I've owned PLUS it lowered my position by nearly 2". Mean City also replaced a torn panel in the seat- perfect match. Very high quality all around.
Guest — 2010 FLHX
Modification: Super Narrow
I was told about Mean City Cycles through a co-worker while we were having a discussion on my difficulty reaching the ground on my new ride. He mentioned that Mean City Cycles would assist me and get me fitted correctly. I just received my seat and I'm am completely blown away with the craftsmenship in redoing my seat. I gained just about 2 1/2 inches if not 3" and I love it. Thank you Mean City Cycles for all you did.
Guest — 2012 Ultra Limited
I sent my stock seat and you narrowed and lowered it, then added memory foam. It lowered it a couple inches, now i can get my feet flat on the ground. 10000 miles later i love it . just as comfortable as the original but i feel way more connected to the bike. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Ralph — 2011 Harley Flhtk
Modification: Riders Choice
Modification: riders choice an double decker passenger
Got my Mustang Solo Seat back from Allen today and the seat is excellant. Had the thigh area of the seat reshaped and one of the panels replaced in the seat. Replacement panel looks as good if not better than when Mustang made it. Thigh area modification took the pressure off the inside of my legs, I'm a short guy. Excellant work and craftsmen. Third seat that Mean City Cycles has done for me and I extremely satisfied with all 3. Thanks to Lorie for the scheduling and Allen's shop for the great work.
Huddle — 2007 Ultra Classic
Modification: Riders Choice & Replace Panel in Seat
If this is going to take 800 miles or so to "break in" I can't imagine how good it will feel. I got the seat back this morning and went out all day today. What a kick ass seat. You guys did a fantastic job!
Bottomend — 2012 Street Glide
great job, can plant feet down very good now. seat fills great after a long ride. very pleased.
bill pigg — 2009 street glide
Modification: riders choice

I dropped my seat off while I was on vacation (I live in SaltLakeCity). You modified the front of the seat as much as possible so I could 'flat foot' the bike.

You did a wonderful job and it was very nice to meet you guys.

I would (and have) recommend you to anyone who needs work done on their seats.

Steve Gilbert — 2009 HD Road King
Modification: Riders Choice

I can't believe how much more comfortable my seat is. I love the way it sits me down in my bike. I will make sure that anyone that sees my bike will know where i got my seat done at. Thanks

Jason Sadowski — Honda 750 spirit
Modification: Riders Choice

Last year you did a comfort mod on my 1800 VTX and my Sons Vulcan. We could ride neither of these seats for more than 30 minutes, before the mod. I just wanted to let you know that we just got back from a 3000 mile tour of the southwest without a sore butt. In fact, the last day coming home we spent 14 hours in the saddle. Unbelievable! My son said to be sure and write and thank you for making that trip possible. We had a great time.
Many thanks for the comfort, I would recommend you to anyone.

Bill Jones — VULCAN 800 & 1800 VTX
Modification: Rider's Choice & Comfort Rider Plus

I can't believe how much more confortable my seat is. I love the way it sits me down in my bike. I will make sure that anyone that sees my bike will know where i got my seat done at. Thanks

Jason Sadowski — Honda 750 spirit
Modification: Riders Choice

"I just wanted you guys to see the difference you have made in my riding - "before and after". It's the most important mod I could have made. I had been thinking of selling the bike before this due to the lack of control I felt. I'm not afraid of it anymore. ;) "

Chloe Conner — Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
Modification: Riders Choice
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Couldn't ride more than 2 hrs
Before could not ride for more than two hrs without stopping because of butt burn,now can go 4-5 hrs,did a 10 hr run to sturgis,no pain,best money i have spent on a seat
Bob Pommeranz