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Heard about MCC from a friends brother in Chicago. I was hesitant, but said what the hell. $150 as opposed to $300 - $500 was worth a shot. Called talked to Lori she gave me her recommendation and was spot on... Memory foam with a tailbone channel. Scheduled a month in advance, sent off and got a call at noon on the schedule date to get it sent back to me. Got it back 3 days later, put it on and had to ride. Holy S**t, what a difference. Went through a tank and a half with no problems. Can't wait to head to the ROT Rally in Austin. Thanks guys . Awesome recommendations and service.
Bone - Pearland,Tx — 02 - FatBoy
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
After 65K on the seats they needed to be recovered. Sent then to Mean City Cycles. After getting them back I could not be more pleased with the look and feel of them. Many thanks for the beautiful job that you have done. Tom
Tom Riddle — 2006 Honda VTX1300R
At first, I was a little worried that lowering my seat would make it less padded, and therefore less comfortable. I now have almost 1000 miles on my MCC-modded seat, and I can say my worries were totally unnecessary. The seat not only made the bike fit me better, but is super comfortable--I'm able to ride several hours at a time without issue or discomfort, and I'm finding that I use the heater A LOT more than I thought I would. Totally worth every $, in fact I'm packing up my wife's Sporty seat right now to send in for her mods. Thanks guys!
Mike Kutch — 2014 FLHX
Modification: Super Narrow and Standard Heater
had my seat for a year before I did a 8k cross country trip with it. 100% happy with the comfort during that trip but it was until recently that I really appreciated how nice it was. This past weekend I had to do a 900 mile day to avoid SEVERE weather and much to my surprise I did not have a single ounce of discomfort. My behind was just as comfortable when I got home as it was when I left.
DMize — 2010 FLTRS
Modification: RoadGlide Custom
My seat went into surgery, Tuesday, just like they said it would and I received it on Thursday, again just like they said I would. 5 stars for Mean City Cycles, for punctuality. Mounted it on my bike and WOW, too good to be true. It is everything I asked for and then some. Another 5 stars for Mean City Cycles on quality craftsmanship. I love it, love it, love it. Did I mention I LOVE IT? Thanks again Mean City Cycles Lonny Kent Bluffton, Oho
Lonny Kent — Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King FLHR
That seat is AWSOME!!!! I can touch the ground flat footed and it doesnt seem like im riding on top of the bike. Its a little cold here up north so I only took it out for a couple miles and it seems the comfort is there too. I bought a 99 Night Train brand new and rode it for 15 years.....sold it to buy the 09 Street Glide back in December. When the weather got a little warmer I was able to ride the new bike and was very uncomfortable and felt insecure since the seat height was so high and couldnt touch the ground so good....I was missing the softail (Still do but cant have both) because of the way you sat in the bike not on top of it. Now I have that softail feeling again! Thanks guys did a GREAT JOB! Money well spent for once!
Guest — 09 Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
Thank-you for the awesome seat modification. I am 5'2" and I have a Harley Street Glide. While it was a bit high, I was OK riding it, however the reach to the jiffy stand was very difficult. The Harley reach seats did not seem to help and I found them uncomfortable. Mean City Cycles was highly recommended on various forums for their seat mods so I gave it a shot. I could not be more pleased. I can now totally flat foot the bike and the reach to the jiffy stand is no longer a problem. The bonus is how comfy the seat is and I no longer slide back in the seat, making the handlebar reach much more comfortable. More short people should be aware of this option. Thank-you so much!
Brenda Lauzier — Harley Davidson Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
Very happy with the results, made a big difference. Would highly recommend MCC.
GuestMike Koster — 2014 Road King
Modification: Super Narrow
Looks great- most comfortable saddle I've owned PLUS it lowered my position by nearly 2". Mean City also replaced a torn panel in the seat- perfect match. Very high quality all around.
Guest — 2010 FLHX
Modification: Super Narrow
I've got to say that dealing with Mean City Cycles was one of the best experiences I've ever had from a customer service standpoint, they really know how to do it right! The scheduling is brilliant, it minimizes the time you are without a seat and the time lines they told me were right on the money! The seat mod are awesome! My wife is very happy with the memory foam in the passenger seat and the reshape and memory foam in mine is perfect! I loved the factory look of the deluxe seats and they look like they've never been touched, until you sit on them! Great job all around! I teach sales and business classes at a local college and I've already used their process as an example of how to treat customers the right way, they just get it!
Brian C. — Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe
Modification: Memory Foam Mod / Reshape Riders Seat
Where to start... First Laurie and Allen are fabulous to work with!!! My wife and I had to trailer the bike in for the ride in appointment vice being able actually riding in. Despite that Laurie had done a great job answering all of my questions and led me to the right modifications! We toured the town and had bite to eat and less than three hours later the seat was back the bike when we arrived back at the shop and it looked great! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so we have not been able to complete our test ride so there will surely be more to follow... Again the customer service and professionalism from Mean City Cycles has been OUTSTANDING and a breath of fresh air in these times of high commerical prices and lack-luster quality... Thank you Mean City Cycles for your excptional service!
Ed Wilbur — 2012 Ultra Classic
Modification: Super Narrow & Double Decker Memory Foam
had the memory foam mod,boy what a difference suffered from butt burn on long rides before, had the mod done took it to daytona bike week which is about 400 mile roundtrip very satisfied with the modification.
arnold n lauderdale florida — yamaha roadliner
Modification: memory foam
I was so happy with Lori and the gang at Mean City Cycles. I work in customer service and know word of mouth makes or breaks companies. Lori called me, talked over the mods she felt would be best and set the appointment. They did everything and shipped it back and I got it the day after they shipped it. The seat I could barely ride 30-40mi on without having to stop is like a dream, I rode 40mi the first day and was grinning the entire time. THANK YOU MEANCITY CYCLES....U ROCK
Scott — VStar Classic
Modification: Memory Foam w/Tailbone Relief Mod
Had Mean City do their memory foam mod along with having seat lowered 2 inches and 1 inch forward. Seat is definitely more comfortable with better lower back support. The handlebars fit much better and have much better control since I don't feel like I'm reaching down to reach handlebars. I was planning on changing handlebars but with the seat mods the stock handlebars are now perfect. The mods I had done achieved what I was hoping for so it was worth every penny to me.
ROB R — 2014 Street Glide
Modification: Memory foam
I purchased Bagger Bags and using custom parts from
Guest —
I was concerned I was not going to like my new bike. The seat modification moved me up and back. I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds and the low profile seat on my street glide was very uncomfortable. Now my legs are straighter and it makes the bike handle like it should.
Ron Watson — 2014 Harley
Modification: StreetGlide
I was told about Mean City Cycles through a co-worker while we were having a discussion on my difficulty reaching the ground on my new ride. He mentioned that Mean City Cycles would assist me and get me fitted correctly. I just received my seat and I'm am completely blown away with the craftsmenship in redoing my seat. I gained just about 2 1/2 inches if not 3" and I love it. Thank you Mean City Cycles for all you did.
Guest — 2012 Ultra Limited
Unbelievable! I did "not" have to lower this bike now that the seat was modified. I'm only 5'5" and have had to lower every bike i've ever owned until now. The seat is also way more comfortable than any other seat I have ever owned and the riding position being lower and slightly forward has allowed me greater control over the bike. I am so glad that I did not have to spend lots of money on new shocks or cheep dangerous lowering kits to make this bike fit me. Thanks Meancity, from the beginning of the process to the end you were professional, friendly and right on time. I whole-heartedly recommend you to everyone needing a seat modification.
Guest — 2014 Street Glide Special
Modification: Super Narrow
Sent detailed instuctions in 3 different forms of mod needed, did completly the opposite plus the leather was laying loose and wrinkled on top of the seat. Sick feeling when removing it from the box and excuses from these guys but didn't have any problems keeping my money.
Jim Gregory — Harley Road King
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So is it wrong to be sitting on my new seat in the middle of the living room watching the olympics? Dude! This thing is awesome! I won't get to try it on the bike for at least another month or...
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