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I had major back surgery a few years back and would always get a bad burn about an hour into the ride. Someone recommended you guys and I gave it a shot, I could not be happier!! Amazing quality and comfort for the price!
Thanks again!!

Jeff Backlund — 2010 HD Road Glide
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam

The reshaping, foam, and new cover were all done amazingly well and were worth every penny. The new seat has allowed me to double the number of miles I can put on the bike with no discomfort from the seat. I highly recommend this company.

Robert Hagen — 1980 Yamaha xs850sg
Modification: Memory Foam

Looks and feels great, gave my stock seat a lower, sexier look. No more hot spotting on my 4th point of contact on long rides. Great job guys!!

Brett Paul — V-Star 650 Custom
Modification: Extreme Modification

I ride a really good looking 2005 Harley Softail Deluxe. Although the stock seat was terribly uncomfortable, I liked the traditional look and wanted to preserve it if possible.

I heard about Mean City Cycle from a friend who suggested that Allen might have a solution. In addition to gaining comfort, I needed to raise the rider height in the saddle 1"-3"and be moved back as much as possible.

The initial modification was 100% improvement from stock and for most would have been perfect. However, I was still not exactly where I needed to be. So, I began a dialog who insisted that I send the seat back for another look and further modification if possible.

I just got my seat back after the second modification and "wow" what a difference, they accomplished the impossible. I'm higher on the bike, further back and the ride is comfortrable.

As amazing as the ride is the fact that Allen would not let me pay for the additional work and time they put in making me happy, and I am.

Thanks for everything.

Mark Reid — 2005 HD Softail Deluxe
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam

I've had my seat back for a while now, and the difference in the ride is GREAT! I am able to ride four times as long as I was before thanks to the seat modification that Mean City Cycles did. Your company's turn around time is only took you guys a week, and that is from the time I mailed it from home!! I live in Southern California, and there isn't a company around that even offers seat modification, so I was very relieved when I found you guys online. I have already told several of our riding friends about your company, and will continue to do so every chance I get. Hope it gets you all some more business, because you do a fantastic job. My thanks to you for making the ride even more enjoyable...Momma is DEFINITELY HAPPY!!

Becky F. — 2007 Yamaha V-Star Classic 1100
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus Passenger Pillion

The seat is wonderful Allen! I am 28 and have already had a back surgery. Before the modification I could not ride more than 35 minutes before I was in pain. After the modification is a different story. Rode for 5 hours the other day with NO pain at all. Best money I ever spent on a seat!

Rip Woodward — Harley Davidson Springer Softail
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam

Brent, Great job on the seat! My wife says she can't believe the difference and there is just no comparision to the stock seat. Now she wants to go all the time. I would recommend your work to anyone looking for a better ride. Thank you very much! Mike & Tina Caputo

Mike Caputo — Triumph America
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus and Passenger Pillion

Thanks Allen, I got the seat on Tuesday and was off to the mountains on Thursday. Rode over 1200 miles in 4 days and if felt great.

Bill Haste — Honda vtr 1000 superhawk
Modification: Memory Foam

What a great job I Can't believe the how much better the seat is. No more butt pain after a short time I can now ride for hours. Customer service is great I emailed you a question after I had shipped the seat and had the answer in a very short time. Thanks Allen

Steve Walt — Harley Road King Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam and Double Decker Passenger

After an all day charity ride I am blown away by the change to my seat. The comfort is exactly what I hoped for. Absolutely zero pain or numbness and little to no fatigue after two straight hours of riding. If you are wondering if you should use Mean City, I say GO THERE NOW! My only regret is I wish I had done this long ago. I probably would have several thousand more miles on my bike now. Thanks for the great job guys

Sean Wood — Kawasaki Vulcan1500Classic
Modification: Memory Foam

spent the whole day on the bike yesterday and my wife couldn`t stop raving about how soft & comfortable her seat was! She is a tough critic too-so thats a real complipliment!As for my seat- exactly the same satisfaction on my modification. Asked for some "little custom" changes also & it was done 1st class all the way! could not be happier! Thankyou guys from 2 very happy customers!! will recommend you to everyone! thanx again-drk

DARYL KOROLUCK — 2007 HD Road King Classic
Modification: Memory Foam and Wide Double Decker Passenger Pillion

I'm writing to tell thank you for the incredibly wonderful job you did in recreating my motorcycle seat! For the first time I can now place both feet on the ground at the same time, the seat is so incredibly comfortable and no longer hurts my thighs. In fact, I now can ride my bike and not even think about my seat... other than, "Ooooo, this seat is so comfy".

The extra heater placed inside is the greatest addition and I sure needed it the other day. I'm kind of sorry I didn't wait and get the heater with the thermostat and I didn't know if that was something I could add myself later or if you sold the thermostats. At this time, the seat just keeps heating and heating and heating... its pretty amazingly warm and I love it, but I wonder if I'm going to need to regulate the temperature by turning it on and off myself manually with the switch mounted to the seat. That is what I did the other day as my bottom was getting pretty darn warm!

I just adore my "new" seat and think you guys are awesome! The foam is comfortable beyond my expectations, the workmanship is superb and for the first time I can ride for hours and not even think about my seat because now my motorcycle fits me perfectly. All of this because of you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tell everyone to send their seat to Mean City Cycles and when they sit on my seat they are surprised how comfortable it is and how low it was able to be made to fit my five foot tall body. I even had the Honda dealer guys sitting on my bike and they loved the seat, too!

Ilene Richardson — Honda Aero 750
Modification: Memory Foam Mod w/seat heater installed

This is the third seat I've had the memory foam mod done to, and every one has made a "night and day" difference in fit, comfort and rideability.Excellent work and quick turn around time. Can't ask for more!

David Adams — H-D 2011 FLH - TK
Modification: Memory Foam

My husband & I love to ride, so our plan was to ride up from GA & drop off the seat. However, when I sent Brent and email he told me they could schedule a ride-in. We did just that! Rode to the shop, they took off the seat & made the modification while we waited! Alan was in Sturgis, but Brent & Steve were great. Brent was our host, and gave us the history of MCC, as well as a tour of the new location. Meanwhile, Steve was working on the seat. He even brought it out for me to test the results before he finalized the job! They were both great! The modification was a necessity to keep riding, and my hind parts were much happier on the ride home to GA. I plan to use them again in the future for a custom modification, to include custom stitching and leather! Thanks MCC.

Susan Hutson — Suzuki Boulevard C50T
Modification: Memory Foam

Before the pillion modification, I had to stop every 50 to 60 miles for my wife to get off of the stock pillion. The stock foam would compress down until she felt as if she were sitting on the pan. She can now ride the full 180 miles between fueling without having to stop and get off of the seat. Brent and Allen did a great job. I will be scheduling an appointment for my seat to have the same modification done. Thanks guys.

Mitch Brignac — 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600
Modification: Wide Double Decker Passenger Pillion

Great job guys. Just returned from a 200 mile trip and it felt great. Actually it feels like the Reach seat by Harley when I first sat on it. Already passed on the info to some friends who will be contacting you guys shortly. Thanks for a great job.

Black — HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic
Modification: Memory Foam

Hello. I had the $100 memory foam upgrade done to my 08 Fatboy seat. I just wanted to say that as soon as I sat on the seat for the first time, I felt the difference. And what a difference! I feel like I sit "in" the seat now, and no ore "butt burn". Also, I noticed that at a stop, when I put my feet down, the seat actually "squishes" between my legs, making it comfortable. The Fatboy seat is a wide seat, and it would almost stop the blood flow in my legs at a stop. LOL! I tell anyone with a bike about MCC. Thank you! Good luck with your business, you deserve it!

Trent Carr — 2008 Harley Davison
Modification: Memory Foam

Testimonial: I rode 175 miles,140 was in a severe thunderstorm,just to get my seats done. These guys are great and they do a great job,too ! My seats are awsome ! I would have done it sooner if I'd known it would've made this much difference. I thank you and my butt thanks you!

Marc Hance — Kawasaki Vulcan1500Classic
Modification: Memory Foam and Passenger Pillion

On the factory seat / padding I could only ride 100 miles at a time. Now I can ride all day, not pain, very comfortable. I highly recommend this service and quality is outstanding. Customer service is great.

Jim Adams — 1300 VTX Honda
Modification: Memory Foam

Mean City Cycles rebuilt my stock 2007 Street Glide seat with memory foam in February. At that time the bike was in storage and I only recently got the opportunity to put it back on and road test it. The results were better than expected.

I was looking to move slightly forward to sit "in the pocket" and was told that I also would gain the advantage of lower and narrower. The results were perfect, the workmanship was excellent and I even appreciate the science you have built into your schedule. I especially like the better overall feel from the stock seat, while keeping the original look, which I liked.

Very nice job all around.

Mike McCormic — HD 1200 Custom Sportster
Modification: Memory Foam
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