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With the seat mods I had MMC lower the driver seat 2" and the passenger seat 1". What a difference.... Not only am I more sure of my balance at a stop but I've found that my slow speed manuvering is improved. It feels better to be sitting in the bike rather than on top of it. The entire process was painless, from the scheduling to the shipping and of coarse the finished product thanks to Lori and Allen. I was VERY pleased with the workmanship. Whenever anyone talks of a seat mod, Mean City Cycles will be my #1 reccomendation !!!!
STEPHEN STABINSKI — 2014 Ultra Classic Limited
Modification: super narrow & passenger seat mod
I had my seat redone by Mean City Cycles in October 2014. I have not left feedback until now, December 2014. At first, I wasn’t impressed with the way the seat had been redone. I decided to give it some break in time. The feel is not as soft as I was expecting. Maybe I was expecting too much. Now that I have ridden on it for a few months, I like the way it feels. I sit back farther and lower. Before, I always felt as if I was being pushed toward the tank. That feeling has gone away. I think I expected it to be more “cushy” feeling. Service was great as expected. Everything was coordinated very well. Lori was very helpful the two times I spoke with her. I would recommend MCC for seat modification.
Dallas C. Miller (nascarpop) — 2003 Honda VTX 1800C
Modification: Double decker Memory Foam
This is the third seat I have had MCC do. What can I say! They are PHENOMENAL to say the least! I am 5'10' with a 30' inseam. I was tippy toed on my Ultra. I am now not only flat footed, but my legs actually bend when stopped now! This is the BEST mod I have done to this bike, and this bike is done to the 10's! Even the Owner at my local Harley Dealer was blown away by the work, and 3 of the Sales guys asked for MCC's address and contact information! Laurie is such a pleasant outgoing individual! Allen's work is second to none! Once again they have passed my expectations! Professional, courteous, and an AWESOME job to boot. Thanks again MCC. I will ALWAYS continue to recommend your work!
Mike K. from Southern Ontario, Canada — 2014 Harley Davidson ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
Had seat modified for a little over 2 months. Finally got to take a trip up in the hill country of Tx. Both my wife and I love our seat. Very comfortable and love their craftman ship. WE put over 600 miles on this past week end with no discomfort . I would like to thank you guys at Mean Cycles for the courtesy and quality work you guys do . Have had numerous comments on your work. Again thanks
Abby Lantier — 2014 Street Gluide Special
Modification: Super Narow
I got this bike and thought everything was great.... Then after a good ride of 210 miles, PROBLEMS. The seat shape and foam put too much pressure in only a few places (the wrong places) I spoke to Lori and set the date to have the work done. Fast turn around and what a great feel the seat has now. I have put close to 700 miles on this seat and I love it!!
John Palm Harbor FL — 2013 C90 BOSS
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Got the seat back on time just as Lori said. Wanted to keep the stock seat as the brown leather strips on the side of the seat was particular to the anniversary edition. Had lowered the bike with rear shocks, but was still not quite enough. When I gave Lori my size and weight, she suggested the Super Narrow. Road the bike a couple of times for short breakfast runs and liked it. Just came back from a ride from NJ to Nashville, 2185 miles in 8 days, and can't say enough about how good the seat felt. No dead feeling in the butt. Can flat foot the bike with a little bend in the knees for more sure footing at stops. The seat looks great, too. Thanks to Mean City Cycles and Lori for their professional manner and workmanship. I definitely will spread the word.
Gerry Kennedy — 2013 HD Road King Anniversary
Modification: Super Narrow
Doing business with these people was a very good exoerience. Skill of their matieral and knowledge on bikes. After sending my stock seat the MCC and getting it back in the time i was told was for one awesome. Installed my seat that day and went for a ride. Well just as I was told, no comparison on the comfort. I am very pleaseed with my seat and would recomend these people to anyone. I have had great compliments with people who have sat on the seat. I am 5'7" and weigh 165 with inseam of 28". I now reach the ground flat footed and have way more control at a stop. AGAIN thanks for your workmen ship
Abby Lantier — 2014 Street Gluide Special
Nothing but praise for Mean City Cycles!! Wanted to keep the stock seat as it was particular to the anniversary edition. Had already lowered the rear suspension but was not quite enough. With the Super Narrow I feel much more stable at stops, am probably about an inch lower, and the seat is more comfortable while riding. I road for about 4 hours after putting the seat back on and had no dead butt feel. Professional and prompt service by Lori and Mean City Cycles. Would recommend to anyone who needs seat modification. Thanks again to MCC for a great job!
Gerry Kennedy — 2013 HD Road King Anniversary
Modification: Super Narrow
Had my ride-in appointment with them yesterday and it was a great experience. I had the Double Decker Memory Foam mod with Luxury Seat Heater for $325. I kept the stock height, had Allen build up the backrest part of the seat to provide a better fit for my back, mimicking the mother wing seat. I rode 220 miles home and no monkey butt. I must say their work equals any of the Mustangs, Corbin's, and the Ultimates I have used in the past. The stock wasn't all that bad (for a stock seat) but I am very pleased with Mean City. Laurie and Allen were great. Allen came out and made sure I had made the correct connections on the seat heater. I highly recommend their services.
Don Bowery — Honda F6B
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam w/Deluxe Seat Heater
I heard about MCC from Ray Price in Raleigh, they recommended them highly. Lori was wonderful to work with and the scheduling let you know when to ship and when you could expect it back, it couldn't be easier! They did an amazing job, by looking at the seat, you would never know it was modded and help put my feet closer to the ground without losing the integrity of the seat! Great job and I would recommend you highly!!
Susan C — 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe
Modification: Lowered and moved up
I'm vertically challenge and needed to be closer to the ground. After looking at every seat out there, I contacted Mean City. The super narrow mod works great, along with the dual heater as a bonus on those chilly mornings. Customer Service and Workmanship were first class, exceeding my expectations. Fall is coming and we're sending in my wife's seat for a heater mod this week. Thank You Mean City Cycles!
Dave Savino Moravia, NY — 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow / Driver Seat Heater
After a few rides with the altered seat (the longest today - over 3 hours), I am really pleased. Before, the longest I could go was maybe an hour....Allen really took the time to explore various solutions and compromises; all I can say is what he ended up doing - worked. Allen and Lori, Thank you!!
Allen — 2014 Harley
Modification: Heritage
Mean City Cycles does exactly as they say on their website and they do it VERY WELL! I am so impressed with the mod they did on my stock seat. The craftsmanship and comfort are outstanding. Their scheduling system works well and the customer service is great from start to finish. I can't believe all the money I've spent on aftermarket seats over the past 12 years! Wish I had found Mean City Cycles a whole lot earlier. :) I would recommend this company to anyone needing a seat change.
Deb Magee — 2014 Harley-Davidson Streetglide FLHX
Modification: Super Narrow
I purchased a 2013 Victory hammer and I loved the bike but the seat was not for cruising. I searched around for options and then a guy told me about Mean City Cycles. Once I realized they were in NC that made it even better. I called them up and they told me the double decker memory foam would be the way to go and it didn't disappoint. This seat performs great and if anyone that isn't satisfied with there stock seat should give mean city a try. I love the seat and should have done it sooner. I have told my brother about it and now he is about to have his seat done. Thanks for the great customer service!!!
Jory — 2013 Victory Hammer 8 ball
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I tried all different seats. They all are uncomfortable. So after researching decided to have Mean City modify my stock seat. OMG what a huge difference! Rode for 150 miles without any discomfort. Thanks Guys your the best!
Larry L — Harley
Modification: Fatboy
Having the Super Narrow modification done to my stock 2012 Street Glide seat converted a good seat into a great all-day seat. The seat looks great and rides even better.
Jeff E. — 2012 Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
I had both seats done over winter, and waited until I had at least 1,000 miles on the bike this Spring before commenting. In a word..."fantastic." Both seats have broken in nicely after having the double decker memory foam installed. Did a 200 mile ride yesterday (06/29/14) and neither of us had to use our auxillary gel seats throughout the ride. Great seat modifications for about $300.00!
Joe T. — 2003 Vulcan Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Your custom tailored mods lowered me to a boots flat on the ground position & added width and comfort to the passenger seat. Looks & rides good at a price far below that of a new seat, not to mention what it would cost to lower the bike. Quick service and returned on schedule as promised. Thanks MCC!
Kevin Williams — 2014 Road King
Modification: Super Narrow/Wide Double Decker passenger
Lori in the front office is a gem and made the process so easy. Very efficient scheduling and hassle free. Per my request, my mod brought the road closer and moved me back in the saddle for my long legs. Great job MCC!
Kevin in Columbus — 2004 Harley Heritage Classic
Due to many years of jumping out of planes in the Army I had an operation 28 Oct 2013 to remove the bottom 3 bones of my tailbone. In the last 10 years of riding I was lucky to make 60 miles without having to stop and walk off the tailbone pain. I contacted Allen and we exchanged several emails along with my reading many testimonials and we decided that what I needed was the double memory foam seat with the tailbone relief channel. On 13 May I rode my trike to Mean City cycles which was about 184 miles which I did with three stops. I had an appointment for 1:00. I arrived at 1:00, removed the seat from my trike and handed it to Allen. Lori told us of a great resturant within walking distance that my buddy and I went for a long lunch. About 1 1/2 hours later we walked back to the shop and my seat was ready. We took off for home by a diffirent route which was about 200 miles on an already sore butt and I actually felt better when I got home than I did when I reached Allens shop. Two weeks later we rode to Rolling Thunder from Fayetteville, NC and back only stopping twice both ways. One of the legs was 145 miles and when I stopped everyone was ready. I highly recommend anyone looking for seat mods send it to Allen at Mean City Cycles. They are a great company who provides a quality product and does exactly what they say they will do. Thank you Allen and Lori!!!
Steve T — 2012 Harley Tri Glide
Modification: Double memory foam with tailbone relief channel
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