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Guest — bagger bags
Modification: hallary
When I bought my bike, a 2012 FLHTC, my feet could barely touch the ground. I have a very short inseam (28") and I also needed to improve my reach. After trying out every seat HD had, if I improved the reach I had sever comfort problems in a VERY sensitive area! No seat I tried really lowered the height. I had HD lower the bike with new fork springs and rear shocks which helped to get my feet to the ground but did nothing for the reach. Then I was lucky enough to read about Mean Cycle on the HD forum and the posts convinced me that it was worth a shot. Call me crazy, but we are in the midst of blizzard in New England and the temp is 17 degrees and I just got my seat back, but couldn't wait to put the seat on. All I can say is WOW. I got the lowering I wanted and the reach improved. (I was actually considering new handlebars, but they all required cable changes.) Of course I couldn't ride, but I am extremely happy with the fit, comfort and adjustments. Can't wait until spring! I also can't say enough about the friendliness, professionalism, and customer service. They truly go the extra mile and make you feel like family.
John Eggers — 2012 FLHTC
Modification: Super Narrow
The mod did exactly what is advertised. I'm now flat footed while stopped and the shop delivered on time with great service. THANK YOU,!
Bob G — H-D Limited
Modification: Super Narrrow
Put about 200 miles on the new Hog. Get off of 40 to 50 mile runs with numbutt. My rider too!! Mailed the seat to Mean City Folks, Got it back. Looks factory. Rode it about 2 runs 150 miles. No numbutt.The rider seat took longer to break in than mine. Rider only weighs 140 lbs. But She is happy now.. Don't ride another mile get it done.. Good people to deal with.
Modification: impact gel w/ Memory Foam
I have a reach seat for my bike. My riding position is fine with this seat, just a little hard on day two or three. I have my seat back, and this is what I know so far... The plain black leather covering I requested for my seat, back rest, and tour pak back rest are beautiful. The seams follow the factory pattern, it looks perfect (only now it's leather). The riding position did not change with the double decker memory foam installation. I took a 150 mile test ride, and it was comfortable. The true test will be on a multi-day, several hundred mile trip. The coordination of my scheduled day for the work was flawless and it was shipped back that same day. All the folks I interacted with, first in EMAIL and then over the phone were helpful and nice. I'll know for sure what I have after a long ride, but I'm very pleased with every aspect of this transaction to date.
Mike Texas — 2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam and Leather
You guys did an excellent job! customer service is A+ which is hard to find now days. I am 5 ft 4 with a 29 inch inseam, this mod helped me be flat footed with knees slightly bent and is comfortable. Should have done this a long time ago!!! I will let the other short people in KY know and send you some more business...
Guest — 2014 street glide
Modification: super narrow
Rode 50 miles to break it in a little, then pounded 300 miles of mountain highways thru the sierras. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you guys, and kudos to whoever did the work on my seat.
Guest — 2010 road king classic
Modification: driver and passenger memory foam,, lowered and moved foward
Had my seat worked a few weeks ago and a few short rides had me impressed. The torture test was this past day and a half..790 miles [all interstate]in a day and a half to Nashville Tenn and back. I feel as though I rode 100 miles. Hats off to these guys..this is THE place for seat modification.
Ron Mullins — 2008 Suzuki Blvd M50
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
I can't tell you how happy I am with my new seat. The quality of the work is amazing. They lowered my ride height as advertised and also narrowed the thigh area. Great customer service. Perfect!!!
Dave Rockwell — Honda Valkyrie
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I called in to see which mod would best suit my need. I decided to drop my seat off on Monday and was told it would be ready by Thursday. It was done exactly when promised and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. I had the Double decker memory foam mod done and lowered 1 inch and moved back 1 inch. I rode this morning to work for the first time and can tell the difference. I am 6'2 and the stock windshield does little to nothing at blocking the wind in my face. I feel like I am part of the bike now and the wind is much less aggressive. Great service and knowledgable staff. Thanks MCC!
Steve Pendleton — 2014 Street Glide
Modification: Double decker mod
I suffered a lower back injury in the spring of 2012 which made it impossible for me to ride my Road King without pain. After trying several different seats without success, I decided to give you guys a shot. The turnaround time and service were great along with the end result. I have completed several 350 mile plus days on my MCC seat in complete comfort. Keep up the great work!
Harris Katzman — 2012 Road King
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I found the seat that came with my Deuce to be very uncomfortable. I ordered a Saddlemen but it pushed me too far forward. Fortunately, I found Mean City Cycles. I called them and they said that I could bring my seat in and leave it, and it would be ready in about a week. They did a Memory Foam Mod as well as changing the vertical angle of the seat back. True to their word it was ready in a week. The difference in comfort is indescribable. They are really friendly,and have some really cool T Shirts. Highly recommended.
Mike Conwell — Harley Davidson
Modification: Softail Deice
While I loved the stock position and color of my stock seat on my fatboy lo, my tailbone was killing me. I had the double decker mod done on my seat and the double decker plus widening on the passenger pillion. Now I can ride for hours with no pain at all. Also super customer service at mean city. Thanks again y'all.
Izzy Landau — 2013 fatboy lo (anniversary edition)
Modification: Double decker memory foam
very happy, money well spent,like riding a different bike.
Guest — 09 road glide
So I have been looking for a new seat for months with no luck and read about MCC mods on and thought I would give it a chance, much more cost effective then another $500 mistake. Made my appointment which was over a month in advance, I was hoping this was a good sign that they were so busy and doing good work. I got my seat back 2 days after it was completed and slapped it on and took it out for a spin, 30 min,I thought what did I do, I stopped for gas and decided to keep riding, well about an hour into the ride I had no pain, no butt ache, legs were stretched out, AWESOME... The Seat mod from these guys is perfect, put me in the perfect riding position to go tank to tank without any issues.. Thanx Alan, for improving my ride
Jake Cormier — 2009 FLHTC
Modification: Seat
I just wanted to say Thank You The team at Mean City really stands behind what they do , It is so nice to do business with a group of folks who take pride in what they do. A year later and they still keep their word.I would highly recommend your service's to anybody that is serious about comfort when they ride Again THANK YOU
Kevin Dee
Bethel Ct — Full dresser
I was skeptical for sure about this modification. But once I got the seat back and saw the quality and then then feel, I was SOLD! Amazing results and I can ride all day. Before , I was stopping every chance I got. The workmanship and customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend this solution compare to a pricey off the shelf new seat you will have to break in anyway. Costa to benefit ratio is a no brainer.
C Vogt — 2002 Sportster
Modification: Memory Foam
I sent my stock seat and you narrowed and lowered it, then added memory foam. It lowered it a couple inches, now i can get my feet flat on the ground. 10000 miles later i love it . just as comfortable as the original but i feel way more connected to the bike. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Ralph — 2011 Harley Flhtk
Modification: Riders Choice
Just received my seat and took it out for a 200+ mile ride. Looks and feels Excellent! I had my 2005 Road King stock solo seat lowered 1.5" and moved me up 1". I am sitting in the bike now and it is extremely comfortable. My daughter complained about her butt hurting after 20 minutes sitting on the pillion....I guess I know what needs to be sent out next! Outstanding work Mean City Cycles!
Aaron — 2007 Road King Police
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
Had stock seat modified to lower me 1.5 inches and move me back 1 inch in addition to the double decker memory foam. Broke in the seat by taking a 1500 mile ride with no butt burn or numbness. Passenger extremely happy with the double layer of memory foam. Excellent customer service. Outstanding workmanship.
Bruce N. — 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
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Best money ever spent
The best money I have ever spent. Before our mods, we couldn't go 100 miles without a break. Now, we don't even get off for fuel-ups. Iron-butt challenge here we come.
Dennis Bishop