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Received my seat the day after it was completed in the shop. NICE! The look of the stock seat was retained, which I wanted. After only a short test ride, I can already tell the difference. MUCH easier on the hind parts. My passenger even stated that she could sit on the back all day, which of course make me even happier. I will definitely recommend Mean City to ANYONE who needs a new seat! THANK YOU!!!!!
Andy Puckett — Honda VTX 1300C
Modification: Memory Foam
More than I hoped for, for those of us who are height challenged this mod as requested lowered me about 1 1/2 inches with no loss of comfort. Had to sacrifice heated seat to get lower, but seat heat in florida pretty useless anyway. My second mod done by Mean City. Do a mod before you spend big bucks on a custom seat. !!!!
Steve Karp — 2012 Goldwing
Modification: Riders Choice
I saw a glowing review on an owners' forum and thought I'd give Mean City a try. I had my last bike seat done somewhere else and wasted $230 on that as I couldn't tell a difference. My stock seat had my butt burning after 20 minutes. I called Mean City and spoke with a lady who was great. The customer service is so good there it REALLY stands out! The lady was in no hurry to get me off the phone, and asked a bunch of questions, then made suggestions such as a tailbone relief channel. I sent my seat in and got a call VERY early in the morning it was to be done. They had it finished already, and shipped it out. They did it Friday; I got it Monday. I could tell a huge difference sitting on it right off the bat, and it is getting more comfortable the longer I use it. I did a three hour poker run yesterday and was amazed there was no burning yet at all, and I was still comfortable. You guys are the best, and your prices and customer service are second to nobody! Thank you SO much. I love my seat now.
Ryan O. — 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
My wife couldn't go more than 20 miles on my 1100 Classic without needing to get off for a rest. Then after the next 20 she was getting numb! The ride ended then. So I ordered a Comfort Rider Plus from Mean City Cycles and hoped for the best. I was amazed at the quality of construction! Then I put it on the bike and my wife on the seat and away we went. 63 miles and 1.5 hrs later we were back home. She loves it! Not numb or painful and she went 50 miles before she felt like she needed to fidget. That was mostly because of her hip and the foot pegs. Not her bottom. I hope to get mine redone for Christmas! With a heater in it! I highly recommend Mean City Cycles. Truly a custom made to fit sit! MONEY WELL SPENT!
Chaplain KC — \'03 1100 VStar Classic Silverado
Modification: Passenger Mod
Fabulous. Just finished a 1400 mile ride with no hot spots and no fanny fatigue. First time since owning this bike. Great job. Wife loves her fix too.
Mayo — BMW
Modification: R1200RT
Me and my '05 RKC just couldn't get comfortable. Allen lowered my riding area and pushed me back a bit and added the passenger special for the misses. The year I had the mod I did a coast to coast ride and completed it riding in complete comfort. You guys are a wizard! Thanks
CW4_131A — 2005 Road King Classic
Modification: Memory Foam and Wide DD Passenger
Great job...just as you said...i'm now flat footed. Riding from NY to Calif in 20 days, can't wait!!!
hdmike — 2010 h/d
Modification: memory foam
In order to get my shorter self comfortable on my new Street Glide, I quickly put on a badlander seat so my feet touched the ground, and began the "search" for the seat I wanted. I needed more stability, and certainly comfort. being new to a Streetglide, I didn't want to make expensive tests with different seats. After reading this website, and HD Forums, I opted to give MC a try. I am GLAD I did. I can't believe the comfort. I am very happy with the modifications, have even a bit of low back support, and feel like I am riding "in" my bike now, instead of slapped on top of it. (i rode a softail for 13 years, and liked that feel....this seat gets me back to that feeling). My search is over. I rode with this seat all weekend, and am not looking back. THANK YOU Mean City Cycles, for quick turnaround, friendly service and a quality modification for the price!! Highly recommend you guys. Thanks so much. Lorlaee
HDLoralee — 2012 FLHX
Modification: SuperNarrow
I had 3" cut out and 1.5" memory foam added back in and this is the best seat I've owned across 3 motorcycles. Just PERFECT....
Monte Young — 2011 HD Road Glide Ultra
Modification: Seat
These guys are artists..rode in had my seat done,asked all the right questions and had the answers, rode home with the modifications and guess what...All my problems were cured...300 miles in 4 1/2 hrs with only 1 stop for fuel....Thank you for a job well done...You guys are the BEST....I highly recommend Mean City for your seat modifications....No more Butt burn....Thanks again...
Jeff Flinn — 2011 Ultra Classic
After the Super Narrow mod, I am actually sitting lower in the bike than I was on the reduced reach seat. The leg area is definitely more narrow where I expected it to be and farther back than I thought it would be. The result is twofold. First my jeans no longer bunch up under my thighs causing hot spots and irritation. And second, my feet are flat on the ground with a little bend in the knees. (very nice) The padding under my *** feels better with the memory foam. My wife says she is more comfortable with the memory foam in her seat as well. The unexpected result in having the super narrow mod done is that for the first time I now feel like I am actually sitting "IN" the bike rather than "ON" the bike and my entire line of sight is behind the windshield where before my eyes lined up directly with the top of the windshield. And since I am no longer pushed forward, my arms are more stretched out and not bent at the elbows like before. I am very glad I did not lower the bike as I had been considering. The customer service I received from Mean City Cycles has been exactly as I expected after reading about them many times in the HD forums... Excellent!
Everett Murphy — 2011 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: Super Narrow
My sister and I both have Spyders and the standard seats are typical sport bike nonsense. Mean City reformed our seats and added the memory foam. I have been riding comfortably for almost a year now and the seat is still in great shape. I often go on long rides and this has been the best modification ever. Thank you, Mean City!!
Regina — 2009 Can Am Spyder
I just met the Mean City people this weekend at the Hog Happen in Lincolnton NC. I came in from Ivor Va 5 1/2 hours away to have them do my seat.Just as everyone has said on the forum they are a customer service driven group of people and great craftmen. Did not ride down this time my wife's back was giving her problems and there were Tornado warnings and alerts all afternoon on my route there; but I did get in some miles on Sunday. I am very happy now can't wait to see what 800-1000 miles makes it feel like thanks guys.
Rick Mcpherson — 2011 Ultra Classic
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam Rider & Passenger
loved the look of the stock seat on the deluxe. but after 45 min of riding my tailbone was killing me. also i was up on the bars a bit too much since the bike was made for shorter people. so they moved me back an inch or so, and installed memory foam. took it out for first ride today, after 2 hours no pain, and love being back that 1 or 2 inches... great job and really looking forward to after the break in period!!!
mike. nashville, tn — 2012 softail deluxe
Modification: memory foam and tail bone relief cut
Anyone who has a Sportster knows that a concrete park bench is more comfortable than the stock seat..MCC did a great job with my seat...I didn't want to write a testimonial until I had the chance to do a couple hundred mile ride. I know there is a "break in" period but, I already feel a huge difference...this feels more like a lazy boy more tailbone ache and the appearance looks like a stock seat..could not be happier. the service was great and the turn around time was fast...I would recommend MCC to anyone looking for a more comfortable seat that keeps the stock appearance and is as comfortable(or more) as an aftermarket seat for 1\2 the price...very happy costumer and an even happier tailbone..thank you MCC.
Patrick McNulty — 2008 Harley-Davidson XL883L..Sportster
Modification: memory foam mod
I road the new saddle for 3 hours yesterday. Feet now on the ground, comfortable, professional! Nice. Thanks to you at MCC.
Tone50 — FLHRC
It wasn't possible to ride this bike with the stock seat for more than 45 minutes under the best of conditions. Had the gel pad and memory foam modification done, received the seat in time to ride this weekend. Spent solid 3 hours on the seat yesterday and did not need to stop. Spent another 2 hours on it today, it's really fantastic. If you own an LT I'd recommend this mod highly. I'm 6' and 285 pounds, this is an all day ride after Mean City worked their magic.
Mike in Hoodcounty Tx — BMW
Modification: Impact Gel with memory foam
Called for a ride in and got scheduled quick. rode in and had them look at the way I was sitting on the bike and asked for suggestions. we agreed on the super narrow with memory foam. the seat was very comfortable on the ride back home and I like the way I sit in the bike instead of on it. best thing of all is they make you feel at home while you wait.
Mike from South Carolina — 2012 Ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
I have had my seat back for about a week now and this is a must for anyone with a rock hard stock seat. I finished a 200 mile ride without any complaints on the comfort of the seat or the support it gives. I have read on many different forums about these guys about customer service, the product they offer and thought everyone might be hyping it up too much. Well I am a firm believer in what everyone said on the forums. Customer service second to none. And the product I am ready for my 1000 mile ride coming up in August because I have a more comfortable seat than those $500-$600 seats. On top of it all it was a week turn around. I shipped my seat out on a saturday and got the seat back the next Saturday with no problems. Thank you MCC!
Loki — 06 VTX 1300c
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam
Had the Super Narrow mod done on my stock Ultra seat. I'm on the shorter side and was looking to gain a bit more leg reach without having to sacrifice comfort. I tried a Super Low Reach seat from Harley Davidson but the family jewels did not agree with that seat. The Super Narrow mod is great! It gave me a little over an inch of extra leg reach while not changing my riding position and increasing the comfort. I highly recommend these guys!
Ben — 2012 Ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
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