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I dont think I have written a review but I felt obliged to write this true testament to customer service and quality workmanship!! First of all. I just returned from a 1000 road trip to the NC mountains and my seat was very very comfortable and perfect!! I have rode this trip before without the mods done to my mustang solo seat and the difference was unbeleivable!! I called Lori 2 mondays ago and discussed some options and I am a very impatient person...not wealthy!!..but wanted my seat priot to our Labor Day trip to the mountains. Lori told me about the express service and that if I could get the seat out on Monday I should have it back it by Saturday of that same week....and it arrived at 10:00 am Saturday morning. It looked very good and the stitching was spot on!! As we traveled on Thursday, we ate lunch at Iron Thunder beside the HD shop in Hickory and I ask a couple people where was MCC shop and it was real close but we were wanting to get on to Hot Springs!! I would hve love to have met Lori and the staff....Lori was kind, patient and yes it was worth every penny I paid pluss the 100 for expres service!! I have several friend going to Myrtyl Beach BikeFest in Oct., will you guys be there? Im not sure if you can answer through the testimonial section or if you read them all!! If you are, le me know please, I have several interested in their seats as well as passenger seats!! Oh well....I never use my stock 2 up seat but Im thinking of dong something cool to that seat as well!! Thanks, Hank
Hank — 2014 Streetgide Special w/Mustang solo seat
Modification: Express Service Memory Foam--1\" lowered and narrowed
Did a lot of research on line, and I didn't want to spend lots of money on a suspension that is not necessary. With lots of good advice, I had you modify my Sundowner seat, and holy crap, I gained the couple of inches needed to reach the ground comfortably. Thanks for two things, not costing me an arm and a leg and secondly, providing me with a seat that is functional and comfortable. God Speed on your business and I wish you the best of luck. Happy USN Veteran!
Mike R. — 2014 FLHXS
Modification: Super Narrow
Like many others, I did a lot of research on fixing a problem that was between me and my bike. I was a little short and had already bought a new seat to adjust for the size. The new seat was ok, but it still didn't feel comfortable until I asked the folks at MCC to do the Super Narrow modification for me. The modification was just right. At 5'7" I want to feel comfortable with out spending lots of money on something that is already on the bike. MCC did that for me, my seat adjustment has given me the missing inches without messing with the performance or balance of the bike. Thanks MCC, I will definitely pass the word to all my fellow friends. This is one proud VET!
Mike — 2014 FLHXS
I recently had my seats rebuilt as well as my back rest. Best decision ever. I went back and forth as to whether or not I was going to but I finally did thank to the customer service and patients of the staff at MCC. My wife loves her new seat as do I. Thank Mean City.
Michael — 2007 Honda VTX1300R
Modification: Memory foam mod, Comfort rider plus mod, back rest mod.
I had trouble planting my feet at stops with my Road King (Ok, I'm short). So I spent $1600 and installed Legend's air suspension. A good product and does allow me to drop it way down which is great for pushing back. But I still had trouble planting my feet with the suspension pumped up. I met a guy who had Mean City alter his seat and I liked it so I called Mean City. They are great people, patient and informative, never leaving me with a feeling of being rushed or lied to. So I opted for mods to the driver's seat (Super Narrow with memory foam) and the passenger seat (Passenger Seat Mod with the tail bone relief). I also had the passenger back rest modified with memory foam. We've had the seat back now for a couple of months and WOW!! What a difference. Not only are both seat super comfortable but I easily plant my feet on the pavement now. If I had done this first I most likely would not have bought the Legends. I also had some custom work done on the back rest. My HD Premium Rolling Touring Bag wore a hole through the leather on the back of the back rest where there is a metal bar on the inside. Under warrenty so they replaced it but I was afraid to put the bag on again. Mean City put some padding between the leather and the inside bar. I've used the travel bag since with no damage. I highly recommend them for any mods you may be considering.
Ron - CT. — 2014 Harley Davidson
Modification: Road King
I honestly don't think I have ever had better customer service than with Mean City Cycles! They are kind, prompt and extremely knowledgeable. Every interaction has left a smile on my face. And the seat... WOW! Lori told me exactly what could be done with my factory seat (which by dimensions didn't seem like much) but I couldn't believe the difference when I took the first ride! It was lowered and narrowed so now I'm flat footed, it has me sitting "in" the seat instead of on top of it and the memory foam is an added bonus! If you've ever thought of having your seat modified, DO IT!
Jenny V — Harley Davidson Street Bob
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I bought an aftermarket seat sight unseen and it fit me horribly. I was tippy toe at stops and it made me sit way too high. I felt I had wasted $400 but Lori and Allen took care of this fitment problem! I now flat foot at stop and feel like I sit in the bike and not on it. I ride in comfort and feel great about this seat now. This is the second seat they have done for me and I continue to be impressed with the good workmanship they all do at MCC.
Morrey Thomas — 07 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: Super narrow, tailbone relief, impact gel/mem foam
MCC went out of their way to make sure I was a satisfied customer and comfortable with my seat. Great job and exceptional service.. Thanks Lori.
Randy B. Oxford, MS — 2014 Ultra Classic
Modification: super narrow
Great customer service and very responsive to my questions! Sent the seat in and turn around was extremely quick. I just got it back and put the seat on the bike. I haven't tried a trip yet but the seating position and comfort factor was obvious over the stock. Thanks guys!
Darrell — 2014 Ultra limited
Modification: Memory Foan
Had seat done this winter. Lowered position and sat back a bit. Finally sitting in my bike. 400 mile day trip, great comfort. No more butt burn or squirming to get comfy. After rude, no butt soreness. Great service, Mean City did exactly what they said they could. Recommended to my riding buddies and all riders I talk with.
Bill Ball
Maryland — 2013 FLHX
Modification: Super Narrow with Tailbone Relief Chanel
My OEM seat became uncomfortable quickly, and even on short hour long rides, I was anxious to get off my bike and stretch. In an effort to correct this discomfort, I bought an aftermarket Mustang seat on the recommendation of a friend. The seat was totally wrong for me and positioned me too high to reach the ground among other things. Now I had two issues..a stock seat that fit but was uncomfortable, now an expensive aftermarket seat that didn't fit properly. What I should have done before this experimenting was to call Allen and Lori at MCC. After communication with them, they guided me to the proper fitment that would work for my body size and frame dimensions. Of course they are very busy and my schedule date would be after Harley Week in Myrtle Beach which is a big deal for me yearly. I opted for the express service, sent my seat off on a Monday, and got it back on a Thursday. That was impressive! Even more impressive is the way my "new" OEM seat feels and rides. I have taken two test rides so far, one for an hour and the next right at two hours. I am totally comfortable in this seat now and can easily ride for three hours w/o a break. I think six hour riding days are now possible, maybe even more if need be. In summary, I spent a lot of uncomfortable miles before realizing I could actually ride in comfort with an inexpensive fix. Forget the aftermarket seats that may or may not work. Go for the sure fire fix and call MCC. I am glad I finally did!!
Morrey — 07 HD Ultra Classic
Modification: Memory Foam, Impact Gel, Tailbone Relief Channel
Been trying to find the right seat for the past 2 years . These guys did the best job ever did what they said when they said and were great to help with your needs. They lowered my seat 2 inches and it fits me perfect. Ride 300 miles today and no pain at all!!! Great job and would recommend anyone needing seat work to let these guys do it !!! They score a perfect 100 in my book
Spud — 2014 Ultra Limited
Modification: Super Narrow
I needed to lower my bike's seat height by at least 2 (+ or -) inches. The HD dealer strongly opposed me getting shocks to lower my bike because they said it already sits pretty low. I was in a predicament because while sitting on the bike the only way my feet would be flat on the ground was if I was standing without any bend of my knees. The dealer let me try many of the seats they had in stock and none of them helped. They then recommended I try Mean City Cycles. I told the rep from Mean City Cycles that the "most" important thing I needed was to lower my seat height as much as possible so that I could be flat footed with a slight knee bend while straddling the bike. They recommended I get the "Super Narrow" mod so I followed their recommendation. Having a proper fit with leg extension and knee bend is very important when trying to maneuver in and out of tight spots especially with a nearly 900 pound touring bike. All I can say is WOW! Not only was my seat height lowered nearly 3 inches in which I can comfortably sit on the bike flat footed with a considerable knee bend, the seat seems to fit like a glove too. I now can ride with even greater confidence thanks to Mean City Cycles.
Jerry — 2014 HD Street Glide Special
Modification: Super Narrow
absolutely awesome, like a new bike. I'm 5'8" and always felt like I was floating on top of the bike. I researched lowering kits but did not want to compromise the ride. After much research and recommendations from the local dealer I sent my seat. I now feel like the bike and I are one. Best modification ever!
Jon — 2014 Street Glide
Modification: Super Narrow
HAT'S OFF to MCC... you guys hit a "home run" here. I did a lot of research before choosing MCC. I even tried a few after market seats which did not do what they claimed so back they went. So I chose to send you my stock seat to MCC for work. I needed to get more ground reach, which you easily got my 2 inches lower with the Super Narrow modification. I needed that comfortable confidant feel of my feet on the ground and being stable when stopped and backing up and slow movement maneuverability. I now have that feel. I'm "in the bike" now not on top of it. Feels like I'm on a new bike.. again... and I also added the Single Wide Passenger modification to the rear for my passenger. She also loves it. From the first phone call to Lori, through receiving the seat back promptly... as promised.. you service level is impeccable. "SPOT ON".. MCC is a gold mine from the service aspect. I would and will highly recommend MCC to anyone looking for this high quality service your offering....
RABBIT - Robert Bowers - Dallas, Texas — 2014 FLHXS Street Glide Special
Modification: Super Narrow - Wide Passenger Modifications
MCC ROCKS !!!! I did a lot of research b4 picking MCC for my seat modification. I even purchased a few aftermarket seats (and quickly sent them back as they did not accomplish the feel I was needing). From all the positive testimonials on the MCC web site to my first call to Lori assured me I was making the correct choice. Being 5'8" with a very short inseam I felt very uncomfortable and unstable during stops and backing up due to the "reach the ground" challenge on my new 2014 Street Glide Special. I went with the Super Narrow modification for me and I added the Wide Single Passenger modification for my passenger. With the return of the seat and getting it back on the bike the difference from stock was AWESOME !! It lowered me several inches and I now feel like I'm "in the bike" and not teetering on top of the bike. it feels like I bought a new bike.. again.. This was by far the BEST MONEY spent !!!! a BIG HATS OFF to the whole MCC crew... thank you.. I will highly recommend MCC to all...
Robert Bowers Jr. - Dallas, Texas — 2014 FLHXS Street Glide Special
Modification: Super Narrow / Wide Single Passenger
Had seat lowered and sides slightly taken in and its just what I was lookin for... Thanx MCC.
Doug M.
Cincinnati, OH — 2014 Harley Ultra Limited
Modification: Memory Foam Mod
I have this modification done this past autumn. It is simply wonderful. My feet now reach the ground, and I am warm and toasty on cold days. This modification really extended my comfort range for driving in cold is well worth the money. The seat was returned to me on the day promise. An added plus his eye is that I didn't have a second seed in my garage when I was done with the Mod.
Robert Blum — 2015 Road Glide Special FLTRXS
Modification: Super Narrow plus driver heat
Never in my life had I ever dealt with a company whose sole focus was on the customer. From the moment I called until I received my seat back (on time)I was treated as though I was the only customer they had. Not only is Lori an expert in her field but she gave me the confidence to go ahead with the mod. The seat performs beautifully and the workmanship is above and beyond what I was expecting. Thank you all so very much for adding to my driving enjoyment MCC! I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a modification.
Brenda L. Frick — 2009 Yamaha V Star Classic 650
Modification: Memory Foam
Finding the perfect seat is not an easy task, with all the trends and brands and styles. Plus once you finally make the decision and spend your hard earned money, there's no guarantee you'll like it and 9 out of 10 times you can't return a 'used' seat. 5 minutes on the phone with Lori, we had a plan for what would work best for my body and desired seating position. At less than half the price of any quality seat I got the best improvement to my bike with the work done by MCC. I fit my bike so well now and the workmanship is second to none. Thank you to everyone at Mean City who worked on my seat and I will definitely be sending folks your way!
Ben White — 2015 HD Ultra Limited
Modification: Driver memory foam mod plus narrowed front
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I had both seats done over winter, and waited until I had at least 1,000 miles on the bike this Spring before commenting. In a word..."fantastic." Both seats have broken in nicely after having the dou...
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