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My wife and I just made our first longer distance ride with our modified seats and after a few hundred miles we both commented on how much more comfortable the ride is. There is just not a better deal with these type of prices anywhere. If your trying to decide if you should pay $700.00 plus for a whole new seat or a couple hundred dollars for one of these modifications , make the appointment to ship these guys your seat, you will not be sorry you went with these guys.

Steve King — Suzuki C50
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam and Wide Double Decker Passenger Pillion

So is it wrong to be sitting on my new seat in the middle of the living room watching the olympics? Dude! This thing is awesome! I won't get to try it on the bike for at least another month or more till the snow clears up here in Maine but what a difference. Besides that, even if is sucked I'm so impressed with the customer service I might send you my damn kitchen chairs to do just to have more service like that!! Thanks man, you guys are awesome and I will do my best to send more business to you guys. Thanks to Brent too, nice speaking with him and to get the personal call that the seats on its way home.
Be well and think spring!

John O — HD Fatboy FLSTF
Modification: Double Decker and Passenger

I finally got a chance to take my new seat out for a long ride. I got on the bike and went 140 miles. I love the way the seat sits low and in the bike. To tell you the truth though, this is what surprised me. It dawned on me, at about 100 miles or so, that I was not even thinking about the seat I went on another 40 miles to home and when I got off the bike I realized that I had not been shifting my weight at all, I was just enjoying the ride with no butt burn. In fact it was just like getting out of the car, I simply did not feel anything! I even thought well, maybe my butt is just numb and I can't feel anything, but no, I felt it and it wasn't numb. I WOULD NOT SELL THIS SEAT FOR $1000.00 DOLLARS!!! You sure do understand butts. Many, many thanks Allen, I really appreciate it. You have put the fun back in biking. If I get another bike, you are getting the seat before I even ride it.

Bill J — VTX 1800
Modification: Memory Foam

Thanks Brent I got the seat installed and man is it awesome you fellas did a great job on the flames, it looks killer, and it rides so much better than any seat I have ever tried, trust me I will let everyone know about meancitycycles, on every forum I am a member of.

Nate Ludwig — Yamaha Ssilverado 1100
Modification: Cover w/flames & Memory Foam Mod

The ride home was wonderful, hardly felt that 300 mile. It just gets better with every ride.

Sonya Humphrey — HD Softail Deluxe
Modification: Double Decker

These testimonials don't do justice to the quality of your work. It's like I'm riding a different machine; one that's comfortable. Thirty miles with the stock seat was about all that my hip replacement would take. The custom seat I bought wasn't any better. Your seat is actually amazing. It places me in a better position on the bike and really soaks up the bumps on the road. Thank you very much for the outstanding customer service and for producing a product that really delivers.

Ben Tice — Triumph Bonneville America
Modification: Doble Decker Memory Foam

Talk about great customer service and a great product. For half the cost of those other guys, I got a seat that actually fits me just right. Being a shorter rider is a challenge, and these guys knew just what to do. Thanks guys, Im recommending y'all to every one I know :)

Chris Cluck — Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
Modification: Comfort Rider

I can't believe how much more comfortable my seat is. I love the way it sits me down in my bike. I will make sure that anyone that sees my bike will know where i got my seat done at. Thanks

Jason Sadowski — Honda 750 spirit
Modification: Riders Choice

Sent in my stock seat for the memory foam modification and cannot believe the difference it has made in comfort. I had ordered and road a Sundowner seat but did not care for the looks of the seat and was looking for a way to keep the stock seat looks and gain the comfort. Mean City Seats replaced the stock foam with memory foam lowerd the drivers area on inch and gave it a buck seat feel that I am very pleased wit. Don't waste your money buy different seats send your stock seat to Mean City Seats and have it done right.

Ronnie Carr — Harley Davidson 1200C Sportster
Modification: Memory Foam

Last year you did a comfort mod on my 1800 VTX and my Sons Vulcan. We could ride neither of these seats for more than 30 minutes, before the mod. I just wanted to let you know that we just got back from a 3000 mile tour of the southwest without a sore butt. In fact, the last day coming home we spent 14 hours in the saddle. Unbelievable! My son said to be sure and write and thank you for making that trip possible. We had a great time.
Many thanks for the comfort, I would recommend you to anyone.

Bill Jones — VULCAN 800 & 1800 VTX
Modification: Rider's Choice & Comfort Rider Plus

I just received my modified seat and couldn't be happier. Even though it was 100 degrees outside, I had to take it for a test spin. WOW!!! I now feel like I'm one with the bike and love it even more. I didn't think the center-of-gravity could be improved upon, but I was wrong. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Many thanks. You'll have a customer and referral for life.

Shirley Orrell — Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
Modification: Memory Foam

I guess its time to eat crow. When I first got the seat I was in a funk because I had to remove the sissy bar and back rest just to install it. I went for a ride. The first ten minutes I was ready to toss it. It was too close, it hurt my rear and it didn't seem any lower. After half an hour it felt better. Not hard, I could reach the bars and when I stopped I could actually reach the ground. After an hour I was ready to apologize for my nasty thoughts. This seat is better than the Corbin I had and it cost twice as much. I rate this seat as number one and recommend it to anyone that is looking to replace their stock seat. Guys I'm really sorry for my first thoughts. Keep up the good work.

Mike Kronk — Harley Davidson Road King
Modification: Memory Foam and Passenger Pillion

Just wanted to tell all of you thinking about getting your seat mod done, GO FOR IT!!! These guys are the best. Great service, Great work, They keep their schedule and their word. do not fear, you will be ready to do an Iron-butt ride when they are done.

Art Mastronicola — Honda 07 VTX 1300
Modification: Double Decker Memory Foam

Best money I've ever spent on my bike ... hands down!! When everyone else is moaning about butt burn, I'm still ready to ride. And to top it all off, Allen is the best to deal with and really cares about his work and his customers' satisfaction!! That's hard to come by these days!

Peggy Stockford — HD Street Glide
Modification: Memory Foam

The Mustang aftermarket seat is a great improvement over the stock seat. But the wife still could not ride for very long with it. Even though the seat looks NO different after the modification, there is a big improvement in the seat. The Comfort Rider modification on the Mustang passenger seat is a noticable improvement. We had to stop about every 40 miles before the modification. Our first stop was at 100 miles after the modification on the first trip taken. She is so happy with it that I am going to have the drivers seat modified also. My only regret is that I did not hear about MCC until after I bought the aftermarket seat. I hear that they can do wonders with the Stock seat.

Keith McGowe — Honda VTX 1800F
Modification: Mustang seats

You have taken the tailbone pain out of the bike ride for my wife. She is delighted with the seat, there is no longer the fidgeting for th right spot, and the sharp ice pick like pain is no longer there when it is time to get off the bike. Your workmanship is awesome! I might have to get the drivers seat done soon, as the spouse can now tolerate loner bike rides! we clocked in a little over 150 miles Sunday afternoon, and she was fine no pain. Tired but she had never been able to ride over 50-60 miles before the pain became excruciating. Thank you for a neat precise proffesional job.

Leo and Debbie Suhre — Honda VTX 1800 Retro
Modification: Comfort Rider Plus Passenger pillion

I can't believe how much more confortable my seat is. I love the way it sits me down in my bike. I will make sure that anyone that sees my bike will know where i got my seat done at. Thanks

Jason Sadowski — Honda 750 spirit
Modification: Riders Choice

"I just wanted you guys to see the difference you have made in my riding - "before and after". It's the most important mod I could have made. I had been thinking of selling the bike before this due to the lack of control I felt. I'm not afraid of it anymore. ;) "

Chloe Conner — Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
Modification: Riders Choice
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