Yes/No. Most Mustang seats can be modified but we need the customer to contact us about their specific Mustang seat.  We cannot modify Corbin seats.

Yes, but on a limited schedule right now.

We strive to provide the best quality materials for all our seat work. The vinyls we use are all marine grade vinyl and of the highest quality. For those wanting leather, we only use the best Italian and German leathers available. Since we do so much custom work setting a standard price on a new cover is difficult but normally the vinyl cover seats start $$$$ and leather covers start at $$$$. For a better quote please feel free to call us PHONENUMBER or email us ALLENEMAIL.

Yes. We have worked on seats from all over the world. Payment options vary depending on certain countries, but we do ship globally and do require all export documents and fees be paid by you and we can surely work something out.

Call 866-550-SEAT and we will be glad to go over the available dates.

Going by the scheduling system turn around time is really fast.

Your seat has to be at the shop no later than the day before it is scheduled. On the scheduled date, the seat is completed and shipped so the biggest part of the turn around time is shipping time. However, there are a few modifications that cannot be completed in this time frame. These are usually modifications requiring a new cover or some other special type work and even then we do everything we can to get your seat out as quick as possible.

That will depend on your location and size of the package you send your seat in.

If you send me your complete shipping address I can give you a shipping quote. All seats are shipping via UPS. UPS has very competitive rates and they pick up everyday from the shop. FedEx  delivers to the shop everyday also and if you include a return label that is fine but if you want the seat returned via FedEx or USPS there will be a $25 fuel charge for seat delivery to these locations if we have to deliver them to the shipping company. I hate doing this but it takes time away from me being in the shop and extra travel isn't figured into our prices.

The seat will look stock for the most part.

Most people can't tell anything has been done till they sit on it. Then it's all happy happy and joy joy riding.

Yes there is normally a break in period.

This vary's from rider to rider but normally 800-1000 miles is the break in period for our modificiatons. We replace a lot of the stock foam with new foam so its like getting a brand new seat and like any new seat there will be a break in period.

It really depends on if you want your sitting position changed.

The Impact Gel works great if you are wanting to maintain your current riding position and the memory foam allows us to reshape the seat more to move your riding position around better so if your comfortable with your sitting position I would recommend the Impact Gel pads and if you want to change your riding position then one of the memory foam modifications.

Yes the seat mod will work on all motorcycles and are now offering them for sport bikes.

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Your butt will appreciate it!


All seats MUST

We schedule all of our work, by doing so this makes our turn around time over night. Please DO NOT send your seat without scheduling it first.

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