Who We Are?

MCC was started in April of 2004, kind of by accident really. I had just purchased a Honda VTX and found the seat to be pretty unbearable to ride on for more than 30 minutes. I had joined an online forum www.vtxoa.com and a lot of the guys on there recommended purchasing an aftermarket seat. I have to admit the seat was more comfortable than the stock seat but it raised and pushed my riding position forward and I felt like I was sitting on the gas tank. I liked the comfort but hated the riding position and couldn't afford to buy another seat and certainly wasn't going back to the stock. Then one night while watching a motorcycle show on TV a light bulb went off. The show had a chiropractor on and he was talking about motorcycle seat comfort. He had a pressure point pad and it showed how weight was being distributed over the seat. I realized what made the aftermarket seat comfortable and thought I can shape my stock seat similar but lower and move me back. So the next day after work I reshaped my stock seat. My girl friend at the time had her own bike and I told her to sit on my new seat. She sat on it and said you have to do mine. So, I did. I posted two pictures of the modded seats on the message board. The next day I had a few emails from guys wanting me to reshape their seats. To make a long story short these guys loved their modded seats and the word about what we do has traveled far.


The modifications are still basically the same today as they were back then but we are continuously trying to improve what we do by either the shaping or the materials we use. I really think that is what makes us so much better than buying an aftermarket seat. They are all one size fits all seats and we custom shape each seat to that person's specs and request and offer a variety of memory foams and Impact Gel pads.

Today Mean City Cycle has become a pretty well known seat shop. We have just moved into a new location located on Main Street in Maiden North Carolina. The new shop has a lot more room for us and we even have a showroom now which we display a few seats we have done and usually have one or two motorcycles sitting in the showroom also with our modded seats on them. This is our second move in our short 6 year history but that is a good thing I think. In 2008 we went to our first motorcycle event and set up a display then in 2009 we went back and this time modded seats right on the spot. The success from this event lead us to other events in 2009 and we attended two national events, Sturgis and Thunder Beach.

If you happen to be in our neck of the woods feel free to stop by the shop and check things out.
Our new address is:
525 E Main St
Maiden, NC 28650

Our Mission

Our missions is customer satisfaction

We have an un-written customer satisfaction policy. If the customer isn't happy then we are going to do whatever it takes to make them happy. While this leaves us kind of unprotected we have found that this policy works great and most bikers are great people to work with.

16 Years Experience

our experience is all you need

Combined we have over 75 years of Upholstering experience and each person does whatever it takes to make a customer happy. We do not have a receptionist; we all answer the phone, take out the trash and work on seats. With everybody doing this we all understand what customers want and need.


All seats MUST

We schedule all of our work, by doing so this makes our turn around time over night. Please DO NOT send your seat without scheduling it first.

Call now to schedule!

(866) 550-7328